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Before and after: house renovation in Bailèn street

One of the renovations in Barcelona that we have recently completed takes us to Bailèn street. There we have been in charge of improving all aspects of a home. On this occasion we have converted a simple flat into a true home with all the comforts.

Thanks to our experience we have been able to achieve that the needs of the owners are covered with a new interior design and equipment. In addition, the whole project has been adjusted to the available budget, since our catalog adapts to all needs by offering the best quality on the market.

Once this finished renovation in Barcelona, ​​the improvements are much better appreciated if we compare the before and after. We have managed to give life to all areas of the house with a new design and equipment. In the following video you can see the change in all spaces.

New interior design

Our profesionals of interior design in Barcelona have been in charge of applying a new image to this apartment on Bailèn street. Its original state was very cold and outdated. One of the first changes was choosing the new color for areas such as the dining room and the bedrooms.

It has gone from an old-fashioned white color to a beige tone that generates greater warmth and a sense of well-being. If we compare the before and after the bedrooms it can be appreciated very well. In addition, we have been in charge of furnishing them and now they have a bed, a wardrobe and a work area.

We have also furnished other areas of the floor such as the dining room, with a table for several diners, and the living room. The latter has a sofa with several seats and a television anchored to the wall. The interior design project has also included the change of doors, windows and flooring.

The surface of the house now looks much more modern. Our construction team has been responsible for removing the original parquet and installing a ceramic floor with a wooden finish. On a visual level, it fits perfectly into the contemporary design and it is also a very resistant material.

New kitchen

The kitchen renovation is one of the big changes in this renovation in Barcelona. Now the kitchen is located in a different place from the original, since it has moved to an open space next to the dining room. What was the original kitchen is now a cozy bedroom. Being an open kitchen, it has been distributed linearly.

The space is used to the maximum and the new kitchen elements have been placed in the indicated place. The new kitchen has a worktop equipped with a ceramic hob and a sink. In the upper and lower part there are cupboards for storage and below the cooking plate the oven has been integrated.

The refrigerator has already been placed on the far left, which is camouflaged by the wardrobe doors. The new kitchen furniture is white and integrates wonderfully into the overall image of the home. It also helps to highlight other details of the decoration such as the exposed brick wall.

Modern bathroom

Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom remains in its original location, although it has been completely renovated. To begin with, a new three-piece sanitary equipment has been installed, since the bidet has not been maintained. In this way, the bathroom renovation has a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray.

As for the design of the bathroom, a more up-to-date decoration has been applied in line with the contemporary design of the entire floor. The original tiles have been removed and the walls have been tiled with white subway type tiles. In the same way that we are in charge of replacing the previous stoneware floor with a hydraulic type floor that brings a lot of personality.

Custom house renovation

Our house renovation projects adapt to your tastes and needs. Our goal is that you can have everything you need in your new home and enjoy it from day one. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your project plus renovation budget. In very few days we will deliver it to you free of charge and without obligation.