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Before and After: house renovation on Creu Coberta street

We recently completed a house renovation work on Creu Coberta street in Barcelona. In this same website we present the result achieved. Now we would like to emphasize the improvements made by comparing the before and after of this house renovation in Barcelona. Teamwork has made a home that showed signs of deterioration a fully functional home.

As a versatile house renovation company we adapt to all decorative styles and budgets. This second point does not prevent us from offering the best qualities on the market so that you can enjoy the home you deserve. We prepare your project and budget and deliver it to you at no cost or commitment. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17.

In the previous video you can see the changes achieved in this renovation in Barcelona. A very complete job that has involved redistribution of rooms and renovations in image and equipment. Restoration work has also been carried out which can be seen on the doors and windows or on the bathroom floor.

Contemporary interior design

One of the points to improve in this new house renovation was the image of the whole house. In the original aspect the passage of the years was noticed and it needed an urgent improvement. Our department of interior design in Barcelona has worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. In this way, much brighter and wider spaces have been achieved.

The walls of spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms have been painted white. In this way, natural light can easily reach every corner of the house. In this sense there are particularities in each stay. For example, a exposed brick wall has been recovered in the livingroom. In some bedrooms, another color has also been used to paint a wall, such as blue.

In general, the pavement is another element that has been changed to achieve that intended current image. From the original floor it has been moved to a parquet floor capable of generating the warmth needed for a home. This has occurred in most of the surface of the house, excluding specific spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

New open kitchen

One of the great changes in this house renovation has been the kitchen. It has gone from a small, independent kitchen to a large open kitchen with a modern and equipped image. It is open to the living room and has been distributed in a U-shape. The left side is open and is occupied by a kitchen bar. It has also created an ideal space for breakfast or coffee with visitors.

From here this kitchen renovation offers the best features that can be expected. It has two more sections of countertop that have been equipped with the sink and the ceramic hob. It also has a large storage capacity with cabinets and drawers in the lower and upper areas of the countertops.

Other positive points of this kitchen renovation are the custom openings intended to integrate the new appliances. The fridge, oven and microwave are perfectly located on the far right. On the other hand the pavement has also been renovated by a ceramic floor with a pattern in beige and blue tones. The transition from the livingroom parquet to the kitchen floor is perfect.

Bathroom renovation

The bathrooms of this house have also seen their image and equipment improved. A radical change that has also involved extensions in both cases. For example, the small bathroom has moved slightly away from the location to have the space required for a functional bathroom.

It now has a new sink, toilet and shower tray. All this with the walls tiled with white and blue tiles. The detail of this bathroom renovation is that the original floor of the old room it now occupies has been kept. As we mentioned in Grupo Inventia we have been responsible for restoring it to last many more years.

The master bathroom also looks completely different. It is now much larger and its image is fresh and perfect for a daily use stay. The walls have been completely tiled with beige tiles, the same color that has been used for the floor tiles. For the sanitary equipment a washbasin with built-in storage cabinet, a toilet and a bathtub have been installed.

Before and After house renovation

For Grupo Inventia, every house renovation work is a challenge. Our projects are customized and tailored to each client. We run away from prefabricated renovations and we bet on getting the best result based on the tastes and needs of the owners. To get to know us more, we invite you to follow us on our social networks, we update them daily with new projects of house renovations and interior design.