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Before and after: house renovation in Enamorats street

Our renovation company is responsible for carrying out customized projects to improve flats and houses. One of the most recent works takes us to Enamorats street in the city of Barcelona. There we have carried out a house renovation to provide a house with current comforts.

Comparing the before and after of this renovation in Barcelona you can appreciate all the changes and improvements in detail. Our versatility as an interior design and renovation company allows us to adapt to all types of decorative styles. In addition, our catalog expands and adapts to any need.

The best example of how we work is to show the change in the following video. A complete interior renovation that has given functionality to all the spaces on the floor. Follow us on social networks to get to know us through our real and daily content and contact us.

Contemporary image

When looking at the before and after of this house renovation, the change in image is very evident. It has gone from an outdated image to a modern and contemporary design. We have enhanced the feeling of lightness and, in turn, the visual amplitude. For this we have carried out painting work and the installation of several new elements.

The floor has gone from an ocher and dull tone to having the walls painted white. Thanks to this detail, natural light can flow easily to all areas of the house. The main space with the living room and the kitchen is very well lit. Here we have carried out restoration tasks to remove the false ceiling and adapt the original exposed brick.

We have also replaced the original floor with a parquet floor in natural wood tones. We have placed it in most of the flat, including the living room and bedrooms. Now the interior design is much more homogeneous and follows the same decorative line.

Open kitchen

A very eye-catching change is the kitchen renovation. Before we found it in a separate room and now it is a kitchen open to the living room. In this way it is connected to the rest of the house and generates greater functionality. In addition, it includes a kitchen bar that functions as a dining area.

The new kitchen has a linear distribution with a worktop and storage capacity in its lower and upper area. The new kitchen furniture allows perfect organization of all types of kitchen utensils and small appliances. All this with an image according to the overall design with white kitchen furniture.

This kitchen also has new modern and functional equipment. On the worktop we have installed a glass ceramic plate and also a single sink. Just below the cooking plate we have integrated the oven and the upper cupboards the microwave. There is also a space reserved in the fridge.

New functional bathrooms

The toilet spaces have also changed after this house renovation in Barcelona. Now they have a much more current image and their new sanitary equipment guarantees the best performance. These are two toilet spaces that complement each other and are designed for daily use.

Now the two bathrooms have a fresh and cozy image, perfect characteristics for toilet spaces. Thanks to tiling with tiles in neutral tones, we have enhanced the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. The bathroom mirrors placed over the toilets add depth.

Our options in bathroom renovations are varied and adapt to all types of clients. This is because we work with proven brands and all types of ranges ensuring the best quality. In this case, each toilet space has a sink with storage space in its lower part, a toilet and a water area with a shower tray.

House renovation before and after

Comparing the before and after a house renovation we can show the great scope of our projects. We turn flats into warm and cozy homes through personalized and tailor-made projects. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and we will assist you so that you can request your renovation budget without commitment.