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Before and after: house renovation in Gavà

One of the house renovations we have completed is located in the town of Gavà. On this occasion we have taken on the task of completely changing the image and equipment of this home. It now has a modern interior design and functional equipment ready to offer the best performance.

Thanks to our experience and our varied offer we can adapt to all styles and needs. Our professionals will be at your side at all times to offer you the best possible options. In the same way, we also adjust to your budget by offering proven qualities in the market.

Comparing the before and after of this house renovation in Gavà you can appreciate the great change we have made. Now this floor responds to current needs with a new arrangement in which everything is advantageous. To get to know us more, follow us on social networks, you can see videos and photos of all our projects.

Open kitchen

In the space occupied by the kitchen we can see one of the great changes of this reform in Gavà. It has gone from being an independent kitchen to becoming an open kitchen in a multifunctional space. It is now connected to other areas of the house such as the living room or the dining room.

A front-to-front kitchen layout has been used, with which excellent mobility is achieved. The new household appliances are placed in the right place to be used with greater functionality. On the right side of the kitchen, the main piece of furniture has been placed with an elongated worktop and storage capacity in its lower and upper areas.

The bottom part of this kitchen has been used as a pantry area. Where previously there was a gallery, now there is a piece of kitchen furniture and a custom-made space to place the fridge. On the left side, the original wall has been removed so that there is an open kitchen. We have placed a kitchen bar that expands the support area and also functions as a breakfast bar.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom renovation has also involved a redistribution of rooms. The space occupied by the original bathroom is now part of the house and the new bathroom is located in what used to be a bedroom. We have managed to create a spacious space with facilities that meet current needs.

We have been responsible for installing the three new sanitary pieces in their appropriate places. To the left of the sliding entrance door we have placed the new toilet. In its lower part it has several drawers for storage. It is accompanied by a toilet and a water area. In the latter we have installed a shower tray protected with transparent screens.

For the new image of this bathroom renovation, he opted for neutral tones. In this way we have managed to create a space with a pleasant and fresh atmosphere. We have tiled the walls with beige tiles that are much more modern than in the original bathroom. In the shower wall we have used hydraulic type tiles.

Contemporary interior design

Other of the improvements that have been made in this renovation in Gavà is the change of image. For this, our interior designers have worked on the basis of contemporary interior design. The main characteristic is that neutral tones are used to generate bright and more pleasant spaces.

In this case the walls have been painted white and allow light to spread to all corners of the house. Both the common spaces and the bedrooms now have a modern image and a cozy atmosphere. The new white doors also help to create a homogeneous and fluid image.

In the section of notable changes, there is also that of the pavement. We have taken care of removing the different original floors and unifying the surface with a parquet floor in natural wood tones. It is a perfect change both visually and practically, since it is a resistant and durable material.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we work both in Barcelona and in nearby towns. If you want to change any aspect of your home, contact us and request a free estimate. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 so that one of our professionals will attend to you personally.