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Before and After: house renovation in Roger street of Barcelona

A few days ago we presented the result of the house renovation that we have completed on Roger street in Barcelona. Now we want to compare the before and after work done, comparing the original state with the current one to see all the improvements that have been made. It has been a complete house renovation in which aspects of image and equipment have been improved.

In the following video we share the two states face to face and the changes are very significant. In addition to printing a new interior design throughout the house, you have also redistributed the rooms. The goal of this house renovation in Barcelona was to get a home that offered the same benefits and has been achieved.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the significant changes in the before and after this house renovation is the kitchen. It has gone from being located in a separate room to being an open kitchen. To do this, the livingroom wall has been demolished and a large open space with better features has been created. As we will see in the section on interior design, for the new image we have opted for light colors.

In this way the new open kitchen is presented in white, generating a very bright and visually spacious space. The white kitchen furniture is combined with elegant marble worktops. It is distributed in a U-shape and has a breakfast bar. In the same way, all the appliances needed to have an effective kitchen have been integrated.

Change of interior design

The image of all the rooms of the house has been modernized. The original look was in shades of beige and dark wood, creating dark spaces and too crowded. We have opted for a contemporary interior design that is very effective in enhancing the image of the entire home.

The walls of the different rooms have been painted white. This has created very pleasant spaces that transmit warmth. Natural light extends to all corners and the overall image is uniform. All this is further enhanced by the new pavement that has been laid. It is a parquet floor in medium shades of wood.

Modern bathroom renovation

Another of the improvements made in this house renovation we have in the bathrooms. This time there have been two that have been completely renovated, both in health equipment and image. Each has a sink, a toilet and a water area. In the large bathroom a bathtub, while in the small one a shower.

As in the rest of the house renovation, it has opted for a modern image with light tones that enhance the brightness and breadth. White tiles with a marble finish have been used for the main bathroom. The walls of the guest bathroom have been tiled with beige tiles. In both cases the new pavement is presented in accordance with the general image.

Before and after house renovation

Compared to the original state and the current one, a great change can be seen. The Grupo Inventia team has worked to ensure that this house renovation meets the expectations of its owners. Now the home offers all the benefits that are supposed to a good home. If you are interested in renovating any part of your home you can request your budget without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this form.