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Before and after house renovation on Londres street in Barcelona

A few days ago we showed the final result of a house renovation on Londres street in Barcelona. A very striking project, as we are in charge of completely renovating the image, the equipment and furnishing all its spaces. To see the magnitude of the work done we are ready to compare the before and after of this house renovation in Barcelona.

In addition to the remarkable change in interior design, this project has also carried out a redistribution of housing spaces. We can say that it is now a completely new home and suitable for current requirements. A fully functional apartment that is ready to offer the best benefits from day one.

In the following video we show the comparison of the before and after this renovation in Barcelona in which several stays have changed place with respect to their original location. If you like this type of comparison on our Youtube channel we have a list dedicated to the before and after the renovations. We invite you to follow us.

Open kitchen

One of the most striking changes in this house renovation in Barcelona is the location of the kitchen. In the original state the kitchen was located in a separate room and had a gallery. Now this space has become a fully furnished bedroom and has a fantastic work area.

For its part, the kitchen is located in the livingroom where several walls have been demolished. In this way, a much larger space has been created that houses the kitchen, the diningroom and the livingroom. Now the house has an open kitchen distributed on two fronts with a kitchen island.

It has a main piece of furniture with countertop and large storage capacity. In addition to having built-in appliances as necessary as the refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher. It is very large and the kitchen island with stools serves as a space for all kinds of lunches and dinners.

Two new bathrooms

Another improvement in this house renovation has been to convert the original bathroom into two. This improvement addresses the needs of daily hygiene much better and makes much better use of space. Thanks to this change, it has also been possible to generate a new bedroom that offers the best benefits for rest.

With respect to the original image, the design of the bathrooms has been greatly modernized. The walls have been tiled at half height with white beveled tiles. The rest of the wall has also been painted white and two very bright and spacious bathrooms have been obtained. These are two very important features for a daily use space.

In terms of sanitary equipment, each bathroom has three pieces that offer excellent functionality in their use. Each has a washbasin with built-in storage, a toilet and a shower tray protected by sliding door partitions.

Interior design work

Mentioned the improvements that have been made in the kitchen and in the bathrooms we must also mention the improvements in the interior design. As can be seen in both the video and the photographs we share, we have opted for a modern image. The premises with which our interior designers have worked were to obtain spacious spaces and a welcoming atmosphere.

In this way, neutral tones have been used so that light can flow to every corner of the house. In addition to the modern elements, original elements from the period have also been restored. Among them, the volta catalana ceiling and the brick wall stand out, as they are located in the kitchen space.

Continuing with this successful combination, a floor with a hydraulic finish has been placed in the common spaces. A parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been placed in the hallway and in the bedrooms. Thanks to this you can generate a feeling of warmth perfect for the bedroom and inviting to rest.

House renovation budget without commitment

If you think it’s time to renovate your home in Grupo Inventia, we’ll carry out a personalized, house renovation budget tailored to your needs. We work with contrasting materials and brands in the market to offer you the best options at the best price. Once we have your project ready we will deliver it to you without any cost or commitment. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or via WhatsApp via the icon at the top right.