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Before and after: house renovation in Mallorca street

few days ago we finished a new house renovation in Barcelona. On this occasion we have taken it upon ourselves to improve a house located in Mallorca street. Specifically, we have converted a flat into two homes. To check the changes we have applied, it is best to compare before and after the reform.

We will focus on one of the newly constructed floors, focusing our attention on the original state and how it has changed. On our YouTube channel we have a list dedicated to before and after renovations. So you can appreciate what improvements in design and equipment we could apply to your home.

Modern interiors

One of the first steps in this house renovation has been to establish a new interior design. Given the needs of the owners, our interior designers in Barcelona have worked based on a contemporary style. Several walls have been demolished to create more spacious spaces and new ones have also been built.

We have painted the walls white to enhance the feeling of brightness and visual spaciousness. In this way, we make the most of the entrances of natural light, allowing it to expand throughout the house. In addition, the white color accepts a wide variety of decorative styles as it is a neutral tone.

To complete the new image of this floor, we have to add the parquet floor that we have been responsible for placing. It has a natural wood finish and generates a feeling of warmth ideal for a home. Now the main living room or the bedrooms enjoy an ideal environment for both relaxation and family life.

Open kitchen

One of the most notable changes of this renovation in Barcelona is the creation of an open kitchen. In its original state, the kitchen was in an independent room separated from the rest of the house. Now it is the opposite, since we find it in an open space and visually connected to other areas.

On a practical level, the kitchen is distributed in a U shape and offers excellent functionality. The electrical appliances are integrated into the kitchen furniture and have worktops equipped with a sink and a cooking plate. In addition, we have expanded the storage capacity in this kitchen renovation.

Thanks to this detail we guarantee a perfect organization throughout the kitchen with several drawers and cupboards. On the right side, this kitchen has a third worktop that is multifunctional. The one hand, it expands the support and work surface in the kitchen. On the other hand, it can also be used as a breakfast bar and relaxed meals.

Bathroom renovation

Another of the spaces that we have been in charge of improving is the bathroom. The passage of time had taken a toll both on the aesthetic level and on the equipment and it needed to be updated. We have taken care of removing the original eighties-style tiles and have placed beige ones.

The image of this bathroom renovation has been greatly modernized and now also has more functional toilets. On the left side you have a sink with built-in storage, on the right a floating toilet and in the bottom area the water area with a rectangular shower tray.

If you want to renovate your home with the greatest confidence, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17, we offer you a custom renovation project with a budget adjusted to your needs.