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Before and after: house renovation on Mare de Déu de Monsterrat street in Barcelona

At the house renovation company Grupo Inventia, we are characterized by complete renovations. We develop projects that improve both the aspect of interior design and the installation of housing. That’s why the before and after of our house renovations are so striking. So much so that it is surprising that it is the same house.

This is the case with one of our most recent work. We carried it out on a flat on Mare de Déu de Montserrat street in Barcelona. A complete house renovation in which the different departments of Grupo Inventia have worked together to obtain the best result. In general, the interior design of the house has been updated and new equipment has been installed.

In fact, in the following video we share the general finishes of this renovation in Barcelona. You can see how the whole interior image of the house has changed and how the bathroom looks much more up to date. To see more videos of reforms like this, social media follows us, we update them daily with new projects.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is one of the spaces that has been renovated in this house in Barcelona. In addition to improving all aspects of the original bathroom, another has been created. In this way the floor now has a new hygiene space. In both cases, improvements have been made to modern and functional bathrooms.

The original bathroom tiles have been removed and the walls have been painted beige. This is a special paint suitable for humid spaces such as bathrooms. This change generates a much more modern image and a very fluid and pleasant atmosphere. In the same way, the ground has changed.

The original gray stoneware tiles have been replaced by a beige ceramic floor. This achieves a more homogeneous and very pleasant image. These are essential features in a space of daily use such as the bathroom. Another improved element is the bathroom mirror. From a very old one it has been passed to a large and rectangular panel of linear design.

New toilets

In addition to the makeover in the bathroom renovation, new sanitary equipment has also been installed. One of the first we see is the sink, which has gone from being supported on one foot to being floating with storage capacity. Specifically, three drawers that guarantee the correct organization of hygiene and bathroom products.

The toilet retains its classic image with the cistern on the back but is much more modern than the original. A notable change has been the final removal of the bidet. The space it occupied has been used to anchor a cabinet in the wall that expands the storage capacity in the bathroom. Like the wash cabinet, it comes with wood finishes.

Finally, the water area has also been stylized and maintains the space of the shower tray. Now it has been tiled with beige tiles like the rest of the walls and the shower has been replaced by a smooth, white plate. The sliding door partitions have also been replaced. Whereas before they were opaque now they are completely transparent.

Interior renovation

The original bathroom renovation and the creation of another have been two improvements in this house renovation. Changes have also been made to the interior design of all spaces. In this respect, the house also needed an urgent update. As a proven interior design company, we have prepared an interior renovation project according to the needs of the owners.

Painting work has been carried out in all spaces. The walls have been painted white in order to generate brighter and more spacious spaces. These are two very important features in a real home. It is also a color that allows light to flow to every corner of the house.

A change of pavement has also been carried out. Both in the common areas and in the bedrooms, the old-fashioned terrazzo floor has been replaced by a parquet floor in medium wood tones. This combination of neutral tones generates a warm and welcoming contemporary interior design.

Other renovated elements have been the access doors to all the rooms of this apartment in Barcelona. The new doors are white and are presented in a modern image and in tune with the new interior design of the house. In Grupo Inventia we have a catalog with very varied proposals for your house renovation to be a success.

Renovations in Barcelona
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