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Before and after: house renovation in Monistrol de Montserrat

We have undertaken a house renovation in the town of Monistrol de Montserrat. We have presented the result with the new image and equipment and now we want to compare the before and after. This is the best way to appreciate the improvements we have made in all areas.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we can adapt to all types of requests and decorative styles. At the same time, we also adjust to the available budget by offering the best price-quality ratio. Our objective is that you can enjoy your house renovation from the first day and it will last.

We work in Barcelona city and, as on this occasion, in nearby towns. We can refurbish your flat in Sabadell, Gavà, Sant Cugat or Monistrol de Montserrat. In the following video we compare before and after the renovation. Surely you see improvements that you would like to apply in your home.

Modern kitchen

Given the favorable characteristics, the kitchen has been kept in its original space. It is a rectangular, spacious room that offers a lot of mobility. It maintains the kitchen layout on two fronts, although it has been modernized a lot. With the kitchen renovation we have achieved a space that offers the best features.

We have removed the old furniture and removed the tiles from the original kitchen. Now the kitchen has a neutral image with the kitchen furniture and white walls. We have given it greater brightness and a feeling of spaciousness. Comparing the before and after of the kitchen renovation you can see a big difference.

The new image of the kitchen is more modern, as are its new appliances. The oven, microwave and refrigerator are integrated in the same piece of kitchen furniture. In addition, we have also reformed the gallery. It is an annex space that has gone from being a disused space to becoming a perfect laundry room.

Functional bathrooms

This house renovation project also included the renovation of the bathrooms. Specifically, the renovation of the existing bathroom and the creation of another. In this sense we have created a bedroom suite with built-in bathroom and fully equipped. In this way the house gains a toilet space.

Both bathrooms have been equipped with three sanitary pieces that offer excellent functionality. Each toilet space has a new toilet, a floating toilet and a shower tray. The sanitary equipment has been very well integrated into the available space and is key to generating a bright and wide visual image.

Continuing with the above, in these bathroom renovations we have also modernized the image of the two toilets. We have taken care of tiling the walls with neutral-toned tiles that allow light to flow easily. Being a space for daily use, we have applied a fresh and relaxed image.

Interior renovation

This house in Monistrol de Montserrat needed a complete house renovation and we have also been responsible for applying an interior design according to the tastes of the owners. We have used current trends to generate warm and welcoming spaces. The objective is that when you enter the house you already feel like a real home.

We have revitalized all the spaces, generating more light in all of them. We have done this by making the most of natural light in living rooms and bedrooms. In turn, the new neutral and clear image also helps to enhance the image of a modern and contemporary home.

We have painted the walls with a soft shade of beige that contrasts other elements. For example, the plinths and the new doors are white. All the elements of the house are well integrated in a homogeneous image that generates a lot of warmth.

Reforms before and after

At Grupo Inventia we guarantee that your home will be able to have everything you need. We are responsible for making all kinds of changes both in image and in equipment. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your house renovation budget without commitment.