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Before and after: house renovation on Padilla street in Barcelona

Just a few days ago we shared the final result of the house renovation that we have completed on Padilla street in Barcelona. Now we want to compare the before and after of this renovation in Barcelona as the change is spectacular. We have taken care of a 100% complete improvement work to update this house properly.

Now this apartment in Barcelona has everything you need to offer the best services at all times. Our team of professionals has been able to translate the needs of the owners into a reality that has a fully improved kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms.

In fact, in the following video we compare the before and after of the house renovation and the change is obvious. An external and internal face wash has been performed. In the same way that we have taken care of applying a new interior design, we have also taken care of renovating all the facilities.

Open kitchen

To check the improvements that have been made in this house renovation in Barcelona, there is nothing better than starting with the kitchen. In fact, it is a space that has been relocated. It used to be a livingroom that has been converted into a bedroom and has now been installed in the main area of the apartment.

Now the kitchen, the diningroom and the livingroom converge in the same space. So we have an open kitchen that is distributed on two fronts. The new appliances have been integrated on the far right. Refrigerator, oven and microwave. There is also a hob equipped with a ceramic hob. The sink is located on the left side of the kitchen, in a second section of countertop that also provides support and work surface.

All this is presented with a new image in line with the overall interior design of the entire home. The kitchen furniture is white and has storage capacity at the bottom of the countertops. Together with the beige walls of the rest of the room, a very bright and visually spacious space is generated.

Contemporary interior design

Precisely the image of the house is one of the great improvements that have been made in this renovation in Barcelona. As an interior design company, we always offer the best solutions to the demands posed by our customers. This time a contemporary interior design was the image that best suited the initial idea.

Now all the spaces of the house are presented in a modern and current image. All the walls have been painted in a soft beige tone to create warm spaces. There is no trace of the neglected white walls we find. In the same way all the doors and windows have been changed. The new doors are white and the windows have been changed from wood to aluminum.

Some original items have also been restored. For example, the volta catalana ceiling has been maintained in the kitchen area. The deck has been removed and our restorers have taken care of it. The original stoneware floor has been replaced by an imitation wood ceramic floor. The fluid and welcoming image we have achieved is spectacular.

New bathroom

Another space that has been completely renovated is the bathroom. In this case it remains in its original location, although it is presented with a new image and new medical equipment. The original shortcomings have been remedied thanks to the resources of our professionals.

The bathroom retains both the sink and the toilet, but changes the water area. It has gone from the original bathtub to a shower tray that is protected by partitions. At the level of aesthetics and visual space, the change is as striking as it is excellent. For its part, the sink has a storage unit, something it did not have before.

As in the rest of the floor, the image has also been improved in this bathroom renovation. The walls remain tiled at mid-height, but the original blue tiles have been replaced with more modern white tiles. The feeling of brightness and spaciousness has been greatly enhanced. This is also helped by the new pavement, a light-colored hydraulic floor.

House renovation in Barcelona

This is one of the works we find in Grupo Inventia. We are responsible for improving and updating homes through customized renovation projects. We work in and around Barcelona and prepare your house renovation budget that we deliver to you without obligation. If it is time to renovate your home, call us on 93 209 97 17.