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Before and After: house renovation in Pallars street in Barcelona

We are going to compare the before and after the house renovation that we finalized in the Pallars street of Barcelona. This is one of our last jobs and in it we are responsible for completely renovating the entire home. Now your rooms have a modern and optimized image. As we will discuss, we have also taken care of relocating the kitchen, now open to the livingroom, and renovating the bathrooms.

The before and after is the best way to compare the work that has been done on a house renovation. In our Youtube channel we have created a playlist in which we include several before and after renovations, including this one in Pallars street. You can follow us and get to know all the work we do both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns.

Modern interior design

One of the objectives of this renovation in Barcelona has been to modernize the image of the whole house. The original condition had many shortcomings in appearance and our interior design department has been responsible for improving it. Based on the tastes and needs of the owners, a contemporary style design has been worked on.

Comparing the before and after we see that from an eighties image it has moved to a much more current look with very bright and cozy space. The walls of rooms such as the livingroom and bedrooms have been painted white and a new parquet floor has been laid. By taking advantage of the large entrances of natural light they have, an ideal environment for a home has been achieved.

Open kitchen

This time the kitchen is located in a space other than the original. Whereas before it was in a separate space now we have an open kitchen. This has involved demolition and relocation of facilities. By having a team of professionals in kitchen renovations we have been able to achieve this without difficulty.

The new kitchen is spacious and distributed in a U-shape. It has a large support surface and a large storage capacity. If we compare in before and after this kitchen the improvement is amazing. It also has all the necessary appliances, which have been integrated into the white kitchen furniture.

Renovated bathrooms

In this house renovation in Barcelona we have also been responsible for renovating a bathroom and a toilet. In both cases a very similar interior design has been applied and in line with the rest of the house. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles, giving rise to two spaces of fresh atmosphere.

In turn, the sanitary equipment has been renewed by new modern and high quality parts. Both the master bathroom and the toilet have a sink with built-in storage furniture with a wood finish and a toilet. The bathroom has the extra water area. It is a large shower tray with sliding partition enclosures.

The before and after a renovation

Grupo Inventia professionals offer you the best solutions in design and equipment for your new home. The before and after of our work are proof that our house renovation company offers a complete and personalized service. If you want to renovate any aspect of your home you can request your project without obligation by filling out this form or by calling 93 209 97 17.