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Before and After: house renovation in Palomar street in Barcelona

A few days ago we showed you the final result of a new house renovation that we have completed. The house is located on Palomar street in Barcelona and has been completely renovated. Work has been done on improving both the image and the equipment of key rooms. The most visible kitchen and bathroom.

Now we are going to buy the before and after this new house renovation in Barcelona. In this way the excellent work of our professionals can be appreciated with greater notoriety. Now this home has become a real home. Spacious and bright spaces with a very pleasant and functional atmosphere.

For Grupo Inventia, each house renovation project is unique and is elaborated based on the needs of each client. If you think it is time to improve some aspect of your home, you can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We prepare tailor-made projects and budgets and deliver them to you at no cost or commitment.

New interior design

One of the first steps in this house renovation in Barcelona has been the change of global image. Although the house was not in poor condition, it did need an upgrade. The passage of time had turned off their spaces and they needed to light up. To do this, the walls have been painted with colors that enhance natural light from the outside.

In the case of the livingroom, the walls have been painted white. The space has a large entrance of natural light and this can be easily extended to each corner. In addition, with the creation of the open kitchen, much more visual space has been generated. In this livingroom also stands out the brick wall since it has been placed. It brings a lot of personality to the main space of the house and fits perfectly with the contemporary image that has been printed.

Other changes in the interior design of this house can be seen in the access doors to the bedrooms and the bathroom. They are presented in a pleasant wood finish and contrast very well with the white walls. Different colors have been used in the bedrooms. The master bedroom follows the general line and is presented in a neutral white image. For the other two bedrooms, the colors blue and green have been chosen.

Open kitchen renovation

In the kitchen renovation we find one of the great changes of this house renovation project. It has gone from a separate kitchen to a much larger and more functional open kitchen. In this way the spaces of the kitchen and the living room are connected generating a multifunctional and very well defined space.

A black L-shaped kitchen cabinet has been placed on the right side of the kitchen. One of its ends has custom-made holes to integrate the new appliances. Specifically a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next is an elongated L-shaped worktop that offers a support and work surface. The glass ceramic plate has been installed in it and has storage capacity in its lower and upper area.

Just in front is a kitchen island that expands the support and storage area. The sink has been placed on its countertop, while a dishwasher has been integrated in its lower area. A space that can also function as a breakfast bar for relaxed meals or receive visitors.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom has also improved both its image and its sanitary equipment. It remains in its original location, as the space it occupies is large and has been able to be renovated without difficulty. In Grupo Inventia we have professionals specialized in bathroom renovations and in this work it can be amply verified.

For this bathroom we have opted for a modern and current image. Most walls have been tiled with white tiles. Gray tiles have been used on the shower wall. They generate a nice contrast and also combine with the tiles of the new floor that has been placed.

Sanitary equipment has also changed everything. It now has a floating washbasin with storage unit, a floating toilet and a large walk-in shower. The shower is protected by transparent sliding partitions. This is a great detail, as it reduces the visual space of the bathroom and is presented in a very bright and spacious image.

House renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we offer you the best options for all the changes you want to make in your home. We advise you throughout the project so that you are always up to date with the improvements that are being made. Once the works are completed, you will be able to enjoy your new home from day one. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and tell us what you have in mind, we guarantee personalized and tailored attention.