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Before and After: house renovation in Plaça Portocristo in Barcelona

A few days ago we completed a new house renovation work in Barcelona. It happened in a house in Plaça Portocristo, which we took care of completely renovating. A work of house renovation that has implied improvements so much in the interior design as in the equipment. Now the property guarantees the necessary benefits that are required of a home.

To see it in a more visual way we share this video in which we compare the before and after of this new renovation in Barcelona. At Grupo Inventia we have a wide variety of options that allow us to adapt to any need. To request your project and comprehensive reform budget you can fill out this form or call us at 93 209 97 17.

New kitchen

One of the most requested rooms to renovate is the kitchen. In this house renovation in Barcelona we have also taken care of it. The kitchen has been kept in the same room, although several improvements have been made. It has gone from a linear distribution to an L-shaped kitchen. In this way it has been possible to expand the support surface and also the storage capacity. For the latter, drawers and cabinets have been placed at the bottom and top of the countertop.

The image of the kitchen has been greatly improved. It has opted for modern line furniture and neutral finishes to achieve greater brightness and visual breadth. For their part, the appliances have been built into the kitchen cabinet. In this way, the available space is made the most of. In this last point also highlights the sliding entrance door that has been installed.

Bathroom renovation

Another space that has been improved with this house renovation is the bathroom. In this case, the image has also been renewed to look more modern. The original tiles have been replaced by beige tiles that generate more natural light. A new pavement has also been laid. An imitation parquet ceramic floor perfect for a bathroom.

Now the sanitary equipment is in line with the contemporary image that has been applied and offers a very functional use. The bathroom is equipped with a floating sink with storage cabinet, a toilet and a practical shower. It has also remained in its original location, although it has been redistributed more effectively.

Contemporary interior design

An important point that needed to be improved in this renovation in Barcelona was that of interior design. Our interior design department has worked on the basis of a very flattering contemporary style and in line with the needs of the owners. The walls have been painted white and allow natural light to reach every corner of the home.

We see noticeable differences in the pavement. The original tiles have been replaced by an elegant parquet floor in medium wood tones. Now the overall picture is much warmer and more welcoming. New doors and frames have also been installed. It has gone from dark wood doors to much more modern white doors.

House renovation in Barcelona

The projects we offer at Grupo Inventia are tailor-made and customized for each client. You can see our versatility in house renovations on this same website or on our Youtube channel, where we upload videos of all the work we finished in Barcelona and nearby.