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Before and After: house renovation on Rera Palau street

We recently completed a new house renovation in Barcelona. We did it in a house located on Rera Palau. While the result was highly satisfactory we want to compare the original condition of the house and how it looks now. In short, do the before and after of this house renovation that in addition to renovations and improvements has also involved the restoration of original elements.

The house renovation company Grupo Inventia has experienced professionals in the sector. From an interior design department that will create the 3D renderings of your new home to a construction team that will make it a reality. All based on your tastes and needs and with personalized attention at all times.

Being a company with experience and versatility we can adapt to all types of decorative styles. Also to any budget without sacrificing quality materials and approved by the demanding market. If you think it is time to change something in your home, you can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will give you your project and budget without obligation.

Current interior design

One of the main points to improve in this house renovation in Barcelona was the general image of housing. It was an old building in which hardly any modifications had been made. In this sense we find a dark floor with an old-fashioned image with paper-lined walls.

Our interior designers in Barcelona have worked on a contemporary interior design capable of making the most of natural light. In this way it has been achieved that the dark rooms of the beginning become cozy spaces with a lot of vitality. However, original elements such as the moldings of several roofs and most of the hydraulic floor have been preserved. In Grupo Inventia we have experienced restorers for these occasions in which such characteristic elements of Barcelona’s architecture cannot be discarded.

With all this, it has been chosen to paint the walls with a soft shade of gray capable of generating well-being in every corner of the house. Other elements such as doors have also been changed, including the installation of some sliding doors. The windows have also been modified, replacing some and restoring others.

Kitchen renovation

As this is a complete renovation, we have also been responsible for renovating and improving the kitchen. Comparing the original state with the current one, it can be seen that it has gone from a very old-fashioned kitchen to a highly functional kitchen. The kitchen renovation has been a challenge and seeing the end result has been far exceeded.

The original kitchen was very basic and had not been updated. Beyond a shelf, it had no storage capacity and did not have the right facilities to place current appliances. His image also did not escape urgent improvement and updating.

After removing all the original elements, we adapted the space to be able to install a white and U-shaped kitchen furniture and generate a much more functional mobility. Now the kitchen has three sections of countertop and storage capacity in its lower and upper areas. The appliances needed to ensure proper operation have also been integrated.

Bathroom renovation

In Grupo Inventia we have also been responsible for renovating the two bathrooms of the house. As with many rooms this house renovation has remained in its original location. The big difference is that now the bathrooms are ready to offer the best features and functionality.

Both bathrooms have a sink with built-in storage in its lower area. Te modo generates a space in which to organize all kinds of hygiene items and products. The bathroom furniture is presented in wood finishes and fits perfectly in the new contemporary image that has been printed. On the other hand in one of the bathrooms is the toilet and in the other the shower tray. Two spaces that complement each other very smoothly.

For the new image, a line similar to the rest of the house has been chosen. Neutral tones occupy the walls with a tile with beige tiles and gray tile floor. Two very bright and visually spacious spaces have been achieved. Another detail of these bathroom renovations are the sliding doors that have been placed.

Before and After house renovation

At Grupo Inventia we put at your service the best professionals in interior design and renovations in Barcelona. You will receive personalized advice from our experts. All the details of your house renovation will be established before the start of the works. Ask your budget or by calling 93 209 97 17 or write to us at We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.