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Before and after: house renovation in Sant Pere Mitjà street

We have been responsible for carrying out the house renovation in Sant Pere Mitjà street in Barcelona. It has been a very complete job with improvements in the interior design and in the equipment of spaces. In addition, we have also taken care of restoring some original elements.

Among the latter, the exposed brick ceilings that can now be seen in the kitchen areas and in several bedrooms stand out. Restoration is one of the services that we offer in our chouse renovations and that is increasingly in demand. The star product is the exposed brick, as in this case, but also others such as hydraulic floors.

Now we want to compare the before and after so that the improvements we have made can be fully appreciated. The house has a modern image and also a new distribution of spaces. If you are left wanting more, you can follow us on social networks, as we share all the house renovations we complete in real time.

New open kitchen

One of the changes we have made in this renovation in Barcelona takes us to the kitchen. It is one of the most important spaces in a home and something we are experts in. In its original state, the kitchen was located in an independent space and had an outdated image. Now it is an open kitchen with an elegant and modern image.

An L-shaped kitchen distribution has been used, which provides great mobility in the kitchen area. Now each element is placed in the right place to offer maximum functionality. On the far left is the refrigerator, camouflaged by the same doors as the kitchen cupboard.

From there, an L-shaped worktop is born, which is equipped with a sink and a glass-ceramic plate. The new oven has been integrated just below this. The storage capacity has also been expanded in this kitchen renovation. Cabinets have been placed in the lower and upper part of the countertops.

Modern interior design

Another notable change in this house renovation is the new interior design. We have been responsible for completely changing the image of each space. It has gone from a simple home to a real home with a modern image and a cozy atmosphere. Our team of interior designers in Barcelona has worked based on a contemporary design.

The original appearance of this floor was cold and desolate. To remedy this, the walls have been painted white and indirect lights have been installed in the false ceiling, also using portholes. In this way, it is possible to illuminate all the spaces with a warm and welcoming light. This environment can be seen both in the living room, the dining room and the bedrooms.

The restored elements such as the exposed brick ceiling and the installation of a new parquet floor are also major changes in the image. The wooden finishes bring warmth and well-being to the environment, much better than the original terrazzo floor. The doors and windows have also been changed and now have the best current conditions with a rustic image.

Functional bathrooms

The two bathrooms have also been improved both in terms of appearance and sanitary equipment. Both bathrooms complement each other as daily hygiene spaces and offer the best services at all times. We have installed three functional sanitary pieces in each bathroom renovation.

One of the new sanitary facilities is the toilet with built-in storage furniture. Thanks to its two drawers, we get a perfect space to organize all kinds of products. In the two bathroom renovations, it is accompanied by a floating toilet with a concealed cistern. It is a modern image piece that provides more visual space.

In the water area we have installed a shower tray protected by sliding door screens. For the new image of the bathroom renovation, the general contemporary style has been maintained. The walls have been tiled with gray tiles with a tiled floor of a similar tone.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia we make sure that your house renovation has everything you need. Our experience and versatility allows us to adapt to all styles and budgets. Request yours by contacting us on 93 209 97 17, we will deliver it to you without obligation.