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Before and after: house renovation in Sants street

In the sector of house renovations we can say that comparing the before and after of a project is the best way to see the improvements made. In this way we will be able to talk about the new image and equipment of the home that we have renovated in Sants street in Barcelona. A house renovation of the floor with improvements in interior design and equipment.

Thanks to the variety offered by our catalog of house renovations, we can adapt to all types of needs. Our goal is that you can get the home you want and with everything you need. Added to this is the experience of our team of professionals. Able to achieve results as spectacular as this before and after.

To be able to appreciate how we have converted a flat without essence into a real home, we share the following video. In our social networks you can see all the projects we are finishing both in Barcelona and in nearby towns. Through real photos and videos you can get an idea of the improvements we could apply to your home.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and in this case we have completely improved it. The original state of the kitchen was very poor and it was located in an independent room, very small and poorly ventilated. Now, it is an open kitchen distributed in an L shape and with modern and functional equipment.

As it is an open kitchen renovation, it is connected to other areas of the house. In this case in the dining room and also in the living room. Thanks to the new distribution, the three spaces have been connected in a very fluid way. The new electrical appliances are integrated into the kitchen furniture. A detail that helps to invade more space than necessary and be able to make the most of it.

This kitchen renovation has two countertops that provide support and work surface. In them we have installed the sink and the vitroceramic plate. In turn, it has several drawers and cupboards both in the lower and upper part of the worktops. In this way, all types of kitchen items and small appliances can be organized correctly.

New modern bathrooms

Now the two bathrooms in this house have a modern design and functional sanitary equipment. In both cases, they are hygiene spaces ready to offer the best services every day. Thanks to our range of bathroom renovations, we can adapt to all types of needs.

In terms of equipment, each bathroom renovation has a new toilet with storage furniture, toilet and water area. In this case we have been responsible for installing a shower tray with sliding door screen protection. In this way, the room is well protected from splashes.

For the new design we have opted for a modern image that enhances the brightness and spaciousness of the bathrooms. We have tiled the walls at mid-height with white bevelled tiles. For the new bathroom floor, we have been responsible for placing a hydraulic-style floor in neutral tones.

Contemporary interior design

In addition to key areas such as the kitchen and the bathrooms, we have also been responsible for completely renovation the interior design of the entire floor. Our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for turning the wishes of the owners into reality. Now this home presents a contemporary image with lots of light and visual breadth.

We have painted the walls of the living room, hallway or bedrooms with a soft shade of beige. Thanks to the entrances of natural light, there have been spaces where light flows easily. It also creates a pleasant contrast with the new white doors, their frames and the plinths.

To provide more warmth to this house we have placed a ceramic floor with wooden finishes. Visually they are perfect to combine with the rest of the new interior design. At a practical level it also works very well, as it is easy to sand and maintain. We have also furnished several areas of the house and it is ready to move into.

House renovation budget

Our house renovation services adapt to your needs in both interior design and equipment. Contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 and request your budget without obligation.