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Before and after: house renovation in Ventura Plaja

One of our most recent house renovations takes us to Ventura Plaja street in Barcelona. We have taken it upon ourselves to completely improve a flat to adapt it to current needs. To appreciate the improvements we have undertaken to apply we will buy before and after the renovation.

After listening to the needs of the owners, we have prepared a tailor-made and personalized project. In addition, with a budget adjusted to your demand. Thanks to our catalog for house renovations we can offer the best options adapting to the provided budget. In the following video you can appreciate the great change that has been made in this house renovation.

Contemporary design

One of the first steps in a house renovation is to establish the new interior design. From here we can work on other aspects such as the distribution of spaces, specific furniture or decoration in general. On this occasion, it has gone from an antiquated, cold image to an interior design with neutral tones and a greater sense of warmth.

The walls were in urgent need of improvement and the original white color has been changed. Now the walls in areas like the living room or the bedrooms are soft beige. It generates a more welcoming climate and enhances the feeling of spaciousness and brightness. At the same time, it highlights the new white doors and their frames.

We also changed all the flooring as the original was out of date. We went from a 1980’s dark colored stoneware floor to a hydraulic style floor in the kitchen, living room and bathroom areas. In the bedrooms we have opted for a parquet floor in natural wood tones. In both cases they contribute to creating spaces with a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

New kitchen

In the kitchen renovation we can see a big change both in terms of aesthetics and equipment. We have redistributed the kitchen and placed it in the main area of the house. The original kitchen space is now a new bedroom. This kitchen is perfectly connected to other spaces, generating a lot of mobility and fluidity.

We opted for a kitchen layout on two fronts. The counter on the left side functions as a kitchen bar and creates the dining area. In turn, it is a wide counter equipped with a sink. It also provides support surface and storage capacity at the bottom. Here we have integrated the dishwasher.

The main piece of furniture in this kitchen renovation has an elongated counter equipped with a glass ceramic hob, the oven and the fridge, located at the far left. Visually, the change is much greater. It has gone from an old-fashioned kitchen with green furniture to a modern white kitchen.

Functional bathrooms

We have also completely updated the two bathrooms in the house. They remain in the same location, although we have demolished the walls to create spaces adapted to the new reality of housing. As in the other aspects of this house renovation in Barcelona, we have applied improvements in image and equipment.

Each bathroom renovation has a sink, a toilet and a water area with a shower tray. An ideal sanitary equipment for modern and functional bathrooms. As for the image, we have removed the original tiles and placed some white meter types. We also removed the black sandstone floor to put in a much more modern hydraulic finish floor.

Tailor-made house renovation budget

If you want to renovate your home, contact us and request a no-obligation renovation budget. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and we will assist you personally.