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The before and after a house renovation

We recently shared the end result of a house renovation in Sant Just Desvern. It was the complete renovation of a house in which excellent overall finishes were obtained. To appreciate the improvements made in each room of the house we will compare the before and after this house renovation.

Although the house did not look bad, the comparison shows the renovation of spaces through the application of a modern decorative style. Before going into detail, in this video you can visually appreciate the work done by the Grupo Inventia team in this house renovation.

New interior design

For the new image of this house we opted for a contemporary style interior design. In it, neutral tones are the protagonists, as these are the colors indicated to achieve bright and spacious spaces visually. In short, with this style of neutral decoration you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In this house renovation, a soft beige tone was used to paint the walls of the livingroom, hallways or bedrooms. In turn, this is combined with a parquet floor in medium shades of wood. With the exception of the bathrooms, this type of flooring was placed on the entire surface of the house. This is also the case of the stairs that connects the two floors of the house, which went from being tiled to having wooden steps.

Kitchen renovation

One of the rooms rejuvenated in this house renovation has been the kitchen. It maintains the location and distribution, but now it looks much more modern and equipment has been installed that guarantees the best performance. The kitchen is located in its own room and is distributed on two fronts.

Several appliances were embedded in the kitchen cabinet placed on the left side. Meanwhile, on the right side there is an elongated worktop with storage capacity in both its lower and upper area. A ceramic hob and an individual sink have been installed on it.

Bathroom renovations

The house renovation work involved the complete renovation of three bathrooms. In all cases, work was done on a new interior design and complete sanitary equipment was installed. Beige tiles have been used to tile the walls, a good idea for natural light to reach every corner of the rooms. As for the toilets, each bathroom has a sink, toilet and water area.

House renovations Grupo Inventia

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