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Before and After: house renovations in Arenys de Mar

In the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we work in Barcelona city and also in nearby municipalities. This is the case of this project that we carried out in Arenys de Mar and of which we will compare the before and after. Our house renovations are characterized by adapting to the needs of each client. As on this occasion, it is a tailor-made and personalized work.

To request your house renovation project you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this contact form. One of our professionals will contact you to assist you in a personalized way. Now, before moving on to comment on the improvements made, we share this comparative video of the before and after of this house renovation.

New kitchen

In all the house renovations we make, the kitchen is one of the most requested spaces to renovate. For this occasion it has remained in the original location and has been renewed both in image and equipment. This kitchen renovations is spacious and offers many options for distribution and allows a very functional layout.

In this case we have opted for an L-shaped kitchen cabinet with storage capacity at the bottom and top. The worktops offer a large support surface and a sink and a ceramic hob have been installed in them. Just below it, the new oven has been integrated. For its part, the refrigerator is located just to the right of the entrance.

Interior design in house renovations

Another of the improvements being made to the house renovations is the aspect of interior design. For this occasion we have opted for a contemporary style interior design. In it, neutral tones play a leading role and natural light from the outside is maximized. In this way most walls have been painted in a soft beige tone. This color is conducive to all rooms to present a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Linked to the above we must also mention the choice of new soil. It has gone from a brown stoneware floor to a parquet floor in medium wood tones. In addition to the features mentioned, this element brings warmth to spaces such as bedrooms. In general, an idyllic image has been printed for a home.

New bathrooms

As it is a house renovation, all the spaces of the house have been improved, including the bathrooms. Now these rooms have a renewed and very functional sanitary equipment. Each has a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a handy shower tray.

As for its new image, it has been chosen to follow the general decorative line. The walls have been tiled with gray tiles, creating very bright and visually spacious rooms. A very similar tone has been chosen for the new pavement. Now the bathrooms have a homogeneous image and the wall and floor surfaces allow easy maintenance.

House renovations Grupo Inventia

As you have been able to verify the results that we guarantee in Grupo Inventia meet the expectations. Our experience in the sector and our versatility are proof of this. If you would like to see the before and after more house renovations completed we invite you to follow us on the company’s Youtube channel.