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Before and after: interior renovation in Badalona

We recently delivered a new house renovated and updated to meet current needs. It is a flat located on Avinguda President Companys in Badalona. In addition to making house renovations throughout the city of Barcelona, we also moved to nearby municipalities.

Once this interior renovation is finished, we want to compare the before and after of the work we have done. In this way we can appreciate the great work carried out by our professionals. It is a very complete project in which all our departments have participated, from interior design to renovations.

In the following video we directly compare the before and after of this renovationin Badalona. You can see how we have adapted the spaces for current needs and with current design trends. Now this apartment in Badalona works like a real home and offers the best features.

Interior design and renovation

One of the first aspects to define has been the new image of housing. As is usual in these cases, the original design has become too outdated. To give it the life it deserves, a contemporary interior design has been chosen. In this way, bright and welcoming spaces have been created.

The walls have been painted white to give energy to each area of this apartment in Badalona. Now the natural light flows smoothly and creates an image of continuity between all the spaces. The old doors have also been replaced by new white doors with matching frames and plinths.

Our interior designers in Badalona have been responsible for advising the owners at all times. Also in the choice of the new floor. We have changed the original terrazzo floor to a ceramic floor with a wooden finish. The new image is much more modern and the image of the wood brings quality to key spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms.

New functional kitchen

The kitchen remains in its original location, although we have made many changes. The space has been opened up and has gone from a linear shape to a U-shaped kitchen layout. For this kitchen renovation we have been responsible for modernizing its image and changing all the appliances.

Now it is presented with a more modern and current image. We have changed the furniture with wood finish for a kitchen furniture in white. Now the image of the kitchen is linear and we have given it a greater feeling of brightness and spaciousness. Another detail of the new kitchen design is that the cupboard and drawer panels are push-open.

We are also not in charge of replacing household appliances. In the original kitchen, the kitchen equipment was independent. We have installed a kitchen cabinet with custom-made recesses to integrate the oven, microwave and refrigerator. Likewise, we have also extended it with a dishwasher and a washing machine.

Modern bathroom renovation

Now the bathroom is ready to offer the best performance from day one. We have also been responsible for a complete renovation in the toilet space. We have modernized the image and installed new sanitary equipment. Thanks to our range of bathroom renovations, we can achieve the best results.

The original image was very overloaded and used dark colors that we have changed. We have tiled the walls with white and beige tiles. Now there is a greater feeling of spaciousness and light in the bathroom. You can also breathe a fresher and more welcoming atmosphere. We have changed the original terrazzo floor to a ceramic floor with a light wood finish.

On the other hand, the three sanitary pieces are maintained, although much more modern and with a new distribution. We have installed a toilet with storage in its lower area and a floating toilet. Both toilets help to create more visual space, since they are suspended. In the water area we have installed a shower tray with its respective screen.

Budget for interior renovations

Grupo Inventia takes care of all the steps of your interior renovation in Barcelona or nearby municipalities such as Badalona. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget directly and without commitment.