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Before and After: kitchen renovation in Barcelona

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we offer projects of total and partial renovation of house. Kitchen renovations are one of the most requested aspects, as it is a vital space in every home and must always offer the best benefits. Over the years we have specialized in kitchen renovations in Barcelona and surroundings. Working with the best professionals and distributors.

We recently completed the project for a kitchen renovation on Mare de Déu de Montserrat street. Once finished we want to compare your before and after. In this way we can visually exemplify the great improvements we can achieve in your kitchen renovation. We work based on your needs and budget, adapting and always offering the best quality in the proposed options.

In the following video we share this before and after this kitchen renovation in Barcelona. To know more about our projects you can follow us on the different social networks that we update daily. If you would like to request a renovation budget, you can call us on 93 209 97 17. We will draw up a customized project that we will deliver to you without any commitment.

New kitchen

For this work we find a kitchen that has an open entrance, but is located in a room of its own and well defined. To make the most of the available space we have added a kitchen bar on the wall before the entrance. In this area we have also integrated the new refrigerator.

It has opted for an L-shaped distribution, as it was the most suitable and functional given the dimensions of the room. Now the kitchen has two large worktops and storage capacity at both the bottom and top. The worktops, which provide a large support surface, have been equipped with a hob and a sink.

The new appliances have been integrated into the kitchen cabinet. In this way they are not separated from the work area and a functional kitchen is achieved. An oven and a washing machine have been integrated in the lower area. While the top cabinets have been used to integrate the microwave. All appliances have a stainless steel finish and are essential for a proper kitchen renovation.

Kitchen design

Another aspect that has been improved in this kitchen renovation in Barcelona is its image. In addition to offering services in terms of assembling furniture and installing electrical appliances, we also have an interior design department. Our experts accompany you throughout the renovation process so that your home looks the way you want it to.

This time it has opted for a modern interior design and contemporary style. Thanks to the use of neutral colors, it has been possible to generate a very bright and visually spacious space. One of the most visible and noticeable changes is the tiling of the walls. White beveled tiles have been used for this purpose. Thanks to the large windows, the light is extended to every corner of the kitchen.

The kitchen furniture is also white and comes with drawers and plain panel cabinets. They all have a push opening system, thus achieving a linear and very modern image. The white kitchen furniture is accompanied by the two countertops that have an incredible wood finish. They are special surfaces for kitchens and provide strength and durability in equal parts.

Kitchen floor

Our stock of products for is wide and varied, so we also have all kinds of kitchen floors. In this case, a ceramic floor has been chosen that has a hydraulic type finish. In it the sky blue color predominates and joining the tiles it generates an attractive drawing.

Visually it is a success and combines perfectly with the overall image of this kitchen renovation. As for its practicality, it is a resistant material and made especially for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. From this it follows that its maintenance and cleaning is easy and simple.

Kitchen renovation in Barcelona

When contacting us, one of our technical architects will visit your home to write down what improvements you want to make and take the relevant measures. From there our team works to develop plans for the new distribution and our interior designers are responsible for developing 3D renderings so that the final result can be seen before starting the works.

All this without any sewing or commitment for those interested, as we deliver the project and budget completely free and without any commitment. In this way all kinds of changes can be made before signing the final project. In addition to by phone you can also contact us by filling out this form or by MD in our Instagram profile.