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Before and after: kitchen renovation in Sant Boi

Once this kitchen renovation in Sant Boi is finished we want to compare before and after. It’s definitely the best way to see all the improvements we’ve made to this kitchen. It now sports an image in line with current trends and also has complete and functional equipment.

Our team of kitchen renovations has worked on the basis of the needs of the customers. Personalized advice is maintained throughout the work process. The main goal is that you have everything you need in your new kitchen. To achieve this, we have a very varied catalog to be able to adapt to all types of requests.

In the following video we share the before and after of this kitchen renovation. So you can see the changes in design and equipment that we have made. To learn more about completed and ongoing projects, follow us on social networks.

New image

For the new interior design of this kitchen we have opted for neutral tones. In this way, we have enhanced the brightness and the feeling of spaciousness. The structure of the new kitchen is very similar to the original, but with a completely renewed face. Now the kitchen furniture is white, creating a fresher and more welcoming space.

The original kitchen cabinet had wood finishes and was already worn. The change is a breath of fresh air in a daily space. Another detail that helps to create a homogeneous and linear image is that the panels are smooth. We have dispensed with handles and opted for the push opening system.

The gray counters also accompany to create a calmer atmosphere. We avoided the original contrast between wood and black countertops. We also removed the tiling from the walls to smooth them and paint them gray. Another detail with which we have created a feeling of spaciousness is gaining height. We removed the false ceiling and restored the original.

New appliances

In addition to improving the kitchen design, we have also fully equipped it. Although we kept the kitchen layout, we did change the location of some appliances. The goal is to place them in a place where they are functional and can be accessed comfortably.

We have removed the cooking plate from the first counter to use it as a support and work surface. Now the ceramic hob is on the second counter, moving the sink further to the right. In the central part of this kitchen we have integrated the oven and the microwave. Having more storage capacity we have placed them at the bottom and top, respectively.

Kitchen renovation budget

This is one of the many kitchen renovation projects we have completed this year. Both on this website and on social networks you can find out about all our work. If you want to request a renovation budget, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will give it to you without obligation.