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Before and after a renovation in Barcelona

We have recently completed a renovation in Barcelona, specifically on Carrer Torrent de l’Olla in the Gràcia neighborhood. A job where we changed all aspects of this home. It now sports an interior design in line with current trends. It also has complete equipment, especially in the key areas of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we have managed to adapt to the needs of the owners. In addition to the natural improvements in image and facilities, we have also carried out a redistribution of rooms. In the following video you can perfectly appreciate the before and after of this new renovation in Barcelona.

Modern interior design

One of the first steps in this renovation in Barcelona was to establish the new interior design of the house. On this occasion we have sought to apply a contemporary interior design with neutral tones. With this type of interior design, we seek to enhance the brightness and spaciousness of each space.

These are ideal features for a modern home and we have applied them with changes to the overall image. In the lounge area we have removed all the wooden furniture and painted the walls white. Thus, natural light can easily flow throughout the floor. We have also changed the wooden doors and frames to white ones. We have created a more uniform image.

We have also laid new flooring. We have taken care of removing the original black stoneware floor. We changed it to a parquet floor in natural wood tones. The whole set generates a warm and very pleasant atmosphere in every space of the home.

Open kitchen

The kitchen has gone from being in its own room to being a open kitchen to the living room and dining room. In this sense, the kitchen has been integrated into the rest of the house in a very effective way. We took advantage of an unused space in the living room to install a full kitchen and create a multifunctional space.

Now the kitchen is laid out in a U shape and has complete equipment located in the most functional places. On the far right we find the integrated appliances. From here a U-shaped counter is born. We have installed both the hob and the sink.

In the same way, the counters offer a wide support and work surface. In addition, the counter on the left side doubles as a kitchen bar for breakfast and lunch. For the kitchen furniture we used the color white and the wood finishes. In this way, it is perfectly integrated into the overall image of the home.

New bathrooms

In this renovation in Barcelona, we have also taken on the task of renovating the bathrooms in the home. It originally had a bathroom, which we have improved, and a toilet. We have removed the latter and created a complete bathroom, with sink, toilet and shower tray. It is located in the original place of the kitchen.

As for the original hygiene space, we have renovated it by changing the image and applying a more contemporary style. We tiled the walls with gray tiles and created a cozy space. In the same way we have also changed all the sanitary equipment. Now it’s modern and functional, ready to use at all times.

Renovationin Barcelona budget

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