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Before and after: renovation in Selva de Mar street in Barcelona

We want to compare the before and after of the house renovation that we have completed in Selva de Mar street in Barcelona. This is an ideal exercise to check all the improvements we have applied. This way we can also show first hand what we could get to do in your home.

In this project we have undertaken a total renovation, improving the image and all the facilities. Now this Barcelona home has everything necessary to meet current needs. Everything to measure and based on the needs of the owners. In our renovation company we adapt to your style and budget.

So that you can see the changes, we compare the before and after this renovation in the following video. If you want to know more projects that we have finished, follow us on social networks. We update our profiles daily with our own and real content from our renovations in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Open kitchen renovation

In its original state, the kitchen was located in its own separate room. After the kitchen renovation, it remains in the same area and is now an open kitchen. In this way we have connected one of the most important spaces in a home with the rest of the house. The flow of passage between the kitchen and the living room is much more functional.

For practical purposes, the new kitchen has a U-shaped distribution. Each new element is located in the most functional place. It has complete equipment that includes a fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Its three worktops offer a large support and work surface.

With this kitchen renovation we have also expanded the storage capacity with a new contemporary style kitchen furniture. It is white in color and connects perfectly with the overall image of the rest of the house. Other elements such as the countertops are beige to match the parquet imitation ceramic floor.

Modern and functional bathroom

We have also been responsible for carrying out the bathroom renovation. Like the kitchen, the toilet space is also kept in its original place. It is true that it now has a completely different image and has modern and functional toilets. This is a bathroom ready to offer the best performance from day one.

There are three sanitary pieces made up of a countertop sink, a toilet and a water area. For the latter we have installed a shower tray that is protected by sliding door screens. Since they are transparent, they can protect against splashes and do not take up any visual space in the bathroom.

We have used two types of tiles to tile the bathroom walls. There are white tiles on one wall and gray tiles on the others. Both options have in common a soft stone finish, just like the floor tiles. We have managed to apply a fresh and cozy atmosphere to a space of daily use.

Contemporary interiors

Another of the improvements in this renovation in Barcelona is the change of interior design in all the rooms. For the change we have done painting jobs, changing doors and windows or installing new flooring. Thanks to this, we have achieved very cozy spaces by enhancing the feeling of lightness and warmth.

Our interior design team in Barcelona has worked in a personalized way to achieve the desired finishes. We have painted the walls in neutral tones so that the light flows easily and we have installed a ceramic floor with parquet finishes. The result is a flat with a modern image and a very familiar atmosphere.

If the time has come to renovate some aspect of your home, contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. We will prepare your house renovation project and deliver it to you without any obligation. We are in charge of refurbishing homes and commercial premises in Barcelona city and nearby municipalities.