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Before and after: renovations in Badalona

A house renovation must serve to improve all aspects of a home and that is what we offer with our services. Of the renovations we have active, we have finished one in the town of Badalona. In addition to acting in the city of Barcelona, ​​we also travel to nearby municipalities.

In this way we can make renovations in Badalona, ​​Sabadell, Gavà, etc. In this project we have taken care of both the interior renovation and the exterior renovation. Our professionals are trained to adapt to all demands. The accumulated experience allows us to go one step further.

Now we want to compare the before and after of this renovation in Badalona. In this way, you can appreciate in greater detail all the improvements we have applied to this multi-storey house. To know more about our projects you can follow us on social networks. We update them with our own and real content every day.

Open rooms

One of the improvements we have made in this house renovation has been to connect various spaces in a more fluid way. In the original distribution each space was divided by walls and now some have been torn down. With this technique, we have managed to create more space in the central area of ​​the house.

One of the areas where this improvement is noticeable is in the kitchen. It has gone from being located in an independent space to being an open concept kitchen that connects to the living room and the dining room. Thanks to the linear distribution of the kitchen, it also provides greater ease of movement when using it.

In addition to the practical and equipment improvements, it is also presented with a much more modern image. The design of the kitchen renovation is homogeneous and uses neutral colors that generate a very bright space. Being a space for daily use is a very important feature, as it must always offer the best performance.

New bathrooms

The house renovation we carry out are characterized by total improvement works. We take care of changing everything and adapting it to the needs you want to cover. In this renovation in Badalona we have also been responsible for refurbishing all the bathrooms in the house.

Each one of them has been equipped with new modern and functional sanitary pieces. The objective is to get bathrooms that offer the best performance at all times. Now the two bathrooms and the toilet have a sink with storage furniture and a toilet. A shower tray has also been installed in the bathrooms.

The image of the hygiene spaces has also been modernized. They have gone from being sad image spaces to presenting a very modern design that applies a welcoming environment. Bathrooms are also used daily and need to convey a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the neutral tones that have been used we have achieved this.

Interior and exterior image

As we have mentioned, this work renovation in Badalona has been very complete. In addition to applying a new interior design in all the spaces of the house, we have also been responsible for reforming the terrace. In our company we also take care of improving outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies, gardens, porches, etc.

In this terrace renovation in Badalona we have changed the floor, renovated the roof or put new access doors. We have also painted the entire terrace with special white paint for exteriors and we have taken care of laying the new pavement. Now each has a perfect space to enjoy both with family and friends.

Regarding the new image of the house, our interior designers have been in charge of applying a contemporary design with neutral tones and parquet flooring. In this way, they have achieved very bright and visually spacious spaces. It has gone from a house without energy to a real warm and cozy home.

Renovation before and after

We love to compare the before and after of the house renovation we undertake. The changes are noticeable and our way of working takes care of every last detail. Our objective as a renovation company is that your home has everything you want and you can enjoy it from day one. You can request a custom quote without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.