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Before and after: total renovation of duplex apartment

Barely a few days ago we put an end to a house renovation on Sant Marius street in Barcelona. An improvement project both in the interior design of the house and in the equipment of key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. With the new details ready we want to compare the before and after of this renovation in Barcelona.

Knowing the original condition of the apartment and comparing it to its current condition is the best way to know how our renovation company works. This time we have completely renovated a duplex apartment in Barcelona that now functions as a real home. Before reporting the improvements we have applied we compare the before and after in the following video.

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New open kitchen

As in the vast majority of house renovations we have done, we have taken care of the kitchen renovation. We are experts in this field and we can guarantee the best results. We have a wide variety of furniture and appliances for kitchens from proven manufacturers.

We have modernized all aspects of the kitchen and changed its layout. It has gone from being a linear kitchen to a U-shaped kitchen with a large storage capacity. Similarly, the appliances are located in a space exclusively for them and a breakfast bar has been placed.

Now the kitchen is much more functional and boasts a more modern image. The original tiles have been removed from the walls to be painted white and match the kitchen furniture. In the same way with this house renovation it has been possible to generate a very bright space with a feeling of spaciousness.

Bathroom renovation

The bathrooms have also been completely renovated. Now this house has two hygienic spaces ready to offer the best services. As in the case of the kitchen in our renovation company we have a wide variety of materials for bathroom renovations.

In this case the two bathrooms have remained in the original spaces. For both cases, their image has been updated and new medical equipment has been installed. In this last aspect, each bathroom renovation has a sink, a toilet and a water area. For this, shower trays have been chosen, much more practical than the original bathtub.

In the two bathroom renovations, the walls have been completely tiled with new tiles. For the main bathroom, soft gray tiles have been chosen. As for the complimentary bathroom, its walls are now covered with white beveled tiles. Both spaces are cozy and fresh, ideal features for a space that is used every day.

Interior design project

Another aspect that is surprising to see before and after this renovation in Barcelona is the interior design of the duplex apartment. The original image of the house was beginning to be outdated and our interior designers have applied a contemporary design. The main objective has been to enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the spaces and has been achieved.

The walls have been painted white and in this way natural light can flow to all corners. This image is present in the livingroom, bedrooms and common areas such as hallways. Important new and essential elements have been added to this new contemporary interior design in a duplex apartment.

Specifically, the stairs that connect the two floors of the house. We have been responsible for restoring them and confirming a high degree of security. Now the spiral metal stairs look great and are safe. Finally, we also removed the original flooring and placed a parquet floor in medium wood tones. It has been the icing on the cake for a warm and welcoming home.

Before and after

Such a comparison leaves our company of house renovations in Barcelona in a very good place. Years of experience allow us to guarantee the best results in all types of renovations. You can contact us and request a no-obligation renovation quote. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and we will take care of you personally.