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Best colors for subway tile

20 September, 2023 · Blog

In the interior design sector there are changing trends every season, although there are some that remain permanently. One is the use of subway tiles to tile some walls in our house. Although the general use of tile experienced a relapse, it is currently one of the most sought-after options.

As for the subway type tile, it is a choice that fits very well in spaces such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Laying beveled tiles brings several advantages both visually and practically. Adding to the modern image is ease of cleaning. Another of their great cards is that they adapt to various decorative styles.

azulejo tipo metro

In this way, the subway tile can be used in contemporary, industrial or minimalist homes. From here it is necessary to determine in which space they will have more prominence and which are the best colors. These are important details and must be chosen before making any changes.

Where to place subway tiles

Subway style tiles offer a lot of versatility, although you need to know how to apply them in the right rooms. Currently this type of tiling is used in the bathroom and the kitchen. The reason? These are spaces that need to offer the best image and beveled tiles can be cleaned easily.

For this reason the walls of the bathroom, a space that tends to moisture, are ideal for tiling them with tiles. At this point, subway tile is usually the winning choice. It offers a modern image and the possibility to choose between different colors and finishes. A clear example of the versatility they offer when establishing the interior design of a home.

azulejo tipo metro blanco

Kitchen walls are also suitable for bevelled tiles. Whether it’s a closed or open kitchen, this type of tiling fits very well in a space like the kitchen. As it is an area of daily use and quite frequented, the meter-type tiles generate a dynamic atmosphere. Although they could also be used in other rooms, currently bathrooms and kitchens are the chosen ones.

Meter type tile colors

The practical side of the beveled tiles is evident for cleaning areas and the kitchen. From here you have to choose the colors of the subway tile. Thanks to the offer of the same market, we have available a wide variety of finishes. Neutral colors, flashy, with patterns, etc.

The most requested option is the white subway tile. It is an option that brings many advantages in design. For a bathroom, the color white is perfect to generate greater brightness and visual amplitude. In other words, with white beveled tiles you achieve a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for daily use.

azulejo tipo metro azul

Both on the walls of the bathrooms and in the kitchen, two shades can be used to create drawings or border designs. Matte, black or blue meter tile finishes are good options to contrast with the white color. In this sense, we will have several options that we can choose for our personal taste or receive the advice of interior design professionals.

Tiling with meter type tile

When choosing a tile for our home, the subway tile must be considered as an option. We will achieve a modern and very fresh image for spaces of daily use where we need to decongest the stress. If we opt for this it is very likely that we will be an inspiration to family and friends.