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The best interior design in small spaces

31 January, 2020 · Blog

The world of interior design knows that nothing can be closed and today we can find countless ideas for every possible situation. Wide variety of decorative styles applicable in any space copy magazines and exhibitions dedicated to interior design. The goal is for everyone to be able to get their home to express their tastes regardless of size.

cocina abierta al salón

Currently homes with small spaces are the order of the day and the concept of a home with several separate rooms has given way to loft. Despite reluctance to change, it is clear that many are in a situation of wanting to decorate their home and must adapt to the limitations of available space.

Greater amplitude and luminosity

The first point to try to decorate a small space is the visual aspect. We mean being able, through the options offered by interior design, to generate a greater sense of spaciousness and luminosity in those rooms that we want to decorate. To do this, you must take into account several factors and be correct in choosing the options to apply.

Both natural and artificial light play a key role in our purpose, as we achieve a more pleasant environment. The color of the walls will be key for the house to expand in every corner of the house and create homogeneous spaces. In this case, neutral colors (beige, white, gray) will be the best choice.

cocina abierta

The interior design sector also offers other possibilities, such as having elements that are able to enhance the objective of making a small space look spacious and bright. That is why mirrors will be very helpful to us. We are not referring to large pieces and exaggerated frames, but to light, minimalist mirrors. Having one or more mirrors hanging on our walls will help to generate greater amplitude and depth.

Adaptable furniture

To decorate small spaces we must also consider other elements besides painting or the correct use of light. If we are talking about a space such as the livingroom or diningroom, it must have the appropriate furniture to give us the maximum comfort. If we are located in a small area, the market offers many possibilities to us with adapted furniture and with the best guarantees.

Folding furniture plays an important role in this, as we can use them as if they were static furniture, but when we don’t need them we can store them so that the space is free. Folding chairs, wall-mounted folding tables, stools, etc.

dormitorio decorar

Interior design in Barcelona

Today it is easy to find good tips on the interior design and renovations in Barcelona that favors us the most. However, having the advice of the right professionals will make things a lot easier for us. In Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in decoration and interior design that you can consult without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17.