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Choose hydraulic floor in your home

18 July, 2023 · Blog

When carrying out some kind of home renovation, you tend to think about painting walls, changing doors or a new decoration. However, the interior design of a home involves many elements to take into account. Among them we find the flooring of the different rooms.

As is well known, there are floors that are better suited to certain areas. However, there is one that can be used for several. We are referring to the hydraulic floor. It is a style that brings a lot of liveliness to the area where we place it and to our home in general. A few years ago parquet floors gained a lot of ground. Currently, hydraulic floors have regained their status in both houses and flats.

suelo hidraulico

The shapes and colors of hydraulic flooring make it an excellent choice. In fact, there is more and more demand for the restoration of original lands and, at the same time, the market ensures that it reaches all interested people. For all this we will comment on several aspects to take into account when choosing a hydraulic floor for your home.

Old hydraulic floor

When talking about hydraulic floor, you have to go back to a time when this type of floor was the order of the day. Currently there is a great demand for house renovations. Although there are certain details that you always want to keep. One is the hydraulic floor, since having it original from the period means an addition to the interior design of a home.

Old hydraulic floors have great value and manage to generate a unique image. Whether in the living room, the kitchen or the bathrooms, this type of flooring is magical. In addition, a good restoration leaves them in perfect condition and ready to withstand the passing of the days. In this sense, the hydraulic pavements used to be placed in stays with traffic and that had to be easy to clean.

For this reason we usually find them in kitchens and bathrooms, areas of daily use where keeping the space clean is very important. Obviously, hydraulic style floors are also very popular in living rooms. In addition, they are larger spaces for which this type of floor looks much more attractive.

suelo hidraulico cocina

Imitation hydraulic floor

As we mentioned above, not all floors have a vintage hydraulic floor. In any case, it is not an impediment to being able to apply it at home. The market knows that this type of soil is an upward trend and has taken it upon itself to offer hydraulic soil imitations.

Like laminate floors, these are resistant and durable materials. They perfectly recreate the image of the old hydraulic floors. They are even much more versatile, as they can be made to measure, both in size and design. In this way, the hydraulic imitation floor is widely used in kitchen and bathroom renovations at the moment.

It offers the same benefits and resists very well the daily use that can be made of it. In addition, it is already prepared to withstand stains and moisture, so it is very simple to clean. Another option to show off this image is to opt for a hydraulic vinyl floor. They are an economical option that protects the floor, a perfect option for the kitchen.

Hydraulic floor and interior design

suelo hidraulico imitacion

As we have seen, the hydraulic floor gives us a very personal image that escapes conventionalism. Without a doubt, this type of flooring is an option to consider in both restorations and complete renovations.