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Colors and sanitary items for the bathroom

28 October, 2015 · Blog · Tags:

For an owner to perform a integral reform in your home can mean more than a headache. Soon shall decide thousand things and maybe some not guessed. Therefore, Grupo Inventia believe in a different way to manage the project of integral reform.

In our headquarters we have departments specializing in specific rooms of the house, which the owner requested our services receive personalized attention focused on rehabilitating each room of your house. With this, we emphasize that after the meetings and the choice of materials, the owner of the property will receive a detailed estimate that 3D renders which will see the final result before you start any kind of work. All without commitment and for free.

Taking advantage of have the department Grupo Inventia bathrooms, we devote this post to discuss some ideas to consider when facing bathroom reform.

What colors to choose

The bathroom floor is characterized by a fresh and clean, so the colors indicated to him are neutral shades like white, beige or gray. Use these colors generate, first, a greater sense of spaciousness and light.

One option is the most recommended tile halfway up the wall tiles beveled white because you get a nice design. Meanwhile, the rest of the wall paint can also use white or another color. In addition, this option, try painting can allow to change the image of the bathroom more easily and without works.

Sanitary elements

It is clear that a bathroom can’t miss a sink in which it is advisable to place a drawer at the bottom to create storage space, a toilet and a water area. In the latter, depending on the surface of the bathroom and the needs of the owner, you can place a shower or a bath.

Regardless of the choice, it is advisable to protect it with a screen, because it is an element that will help keep the bathroom much cleaner.

Grupo Inventia bathrooms

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