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Combine colors in the kitchen

23 June, 2017 · Blog

Cocina blanca en L
Mueble de cocina rojo
Cocina blanca abierta
Cocina roja con isla

That kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home is clear, since the actions that are carried out in it are of the most important. That is why, when facing a kitchen renovation, the interior design that you want to get is very clear, since in addition to having to live with it for many years, it must be suitable for everything you have to offer a kitchen.

White kitchen

Although kitchen tasks may involve stains and others, the white color is a perfect color for a stay like this. At the beginning, it is a tone that contributes to generate a sensation of amplitude and luminosity, something that is greatly appreciated in any area of the house. To do this, nothing better than opting for a white piece of furniture in the lower and upper part of the kitchen counter.

To combine it, nothing better than using the gray, in any of its tones, for the stove and floor. This will unify very well with the rest of the stay and will go along with the appliances with finishes in stainless steel.

Red kitchen

Another interesting option for colors in the kitchen is red. It is a bold bet but it generates an enviable aspect. At first, it is a color that, in both open and closed kitchens, will delimit the kitchen space very well.

To combine it, nothing better than black in the kitchen and the same red or a gray tone on the control panel.

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