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Complete bathroom renovation in Martorell

Whether in Barcelona city or nearby, our renovations team is ready to achieve the best result. This time we moved to the town of Martorell to completely renovate a bathroom. Now this important space in every home has a modern image and functional equipment.

Our renovation services include both total home renovations and partial improvements. In the latter, kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces for which most demand a renovation. After taking the measurements we make a plan and 3D renderings so you can see the final result. All this based on your needs and adjusting to your budget.

The improvements we have applied in this bathroom renovation are shared in the following video. The change is spectacular and is now presented as a space ready to offer the best features. In addition to the new sanitary equipment, we have also been responsible for applying a new interior design. Our versatility and experience allow us to adapt to all kinds of needs.

Modern and functional toilets

A bathroom renovation involves the replacement of all original sanitary elements. The passage of time and daily use make a dent in these types of parts and it’s time to change them. Over the years we have specialized in bathroom renovations and work with the best suppliers on the market. Always taking into account the different economies, we adapt to your budget offering the best qualities.

A floating sink has been installed with a sink space and a section of countertop. In this way, different bathroom or decorative elements can be easily accommodated. The lower part is occupied by a bathroom cabinet with two drawers and is presented in wood tones. Having storage capacity in a bathroom is very important to maintain the order of all hygiene products.

We have opted for a modern line toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. The entrance is a choice that generates more visual space in the bathroom. Taking advantage of the protruding wall by the hidden cistern, three shelves have been created that expand the support surface. A perfect job has been done to make the most of the space in this bathroom.

The water area has also been renovated with a rectangular shower tray. A large space has been generated that adapts to all types of moments. It is a walk-in shower that allows excellent mobility. A static, transparent screen has been installed to protect the rest of the bathroom from splashes.

Modern bathroom interior design

On the one hand, all the sanitary equipment has been changed, on the other hand, a new interior design has been applied in the bathroom. The goal was to achieve a cozy, fresh and visually spacious space. Observing the final result we can say that we have achieved it and we have even improved it.

We have opted for a contemporary interior design that can be easily decorated with different elements. In this way the walls have been tiled at half height with white beveled tiles. This color has also been used to paint the rest of the wall up to the ceiling. Initially, a space has been created in which light can flow freely.

The bathroom interior design also features the new flooring that has been placed. Among several options, a hydraulic type floor has been successfully chosen that combines the white background with figures in different shades of gray. It certainly fits into the overall picture of this bathroom remodel and gives it a lot of personality.

These finishes are also accompanied by several touches of wood. We see them on the bathroom cabinet and on the top shelf of the toilet wall. As elements of this bathroom renovation we also highlight the mirror that has been placed on the sink. It has a circular shape and has LED lights that illuminate the entire space.

Bathroom renovation budget

For Grupo Inventia, each renovation is unique and is worked on in a personalized and tailor-made way for the client. Our services range from the total renovation of the house to concrete improvements in spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms. At the same time we also provide a professional service in interior design and furniture.

We give you your project and renovation budget without obligation. You can request it by calling 93 209 97 17.