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Complete house renovarion in Nàpols street in Barcelona

We have finished a new projecto of renovation in Barcelona. Specifically, the improvement of a flat located in Nàpols street. It has been a complete house renovation in which we have improved both the image and the equipment. In our renovation company we have the best options to update your home.

Our catalog of materials adapts to all decorative styles. Whether it’s a current design or with more retro touches, we’ll be able to get it. Added to this is the versatility of our professionals in interior design and renovations. Throughout the process of the work you receive personalized advice.

In the following video we share the results of this new house renovation in Barcelona. Now this floor has a much more functional layout and is ready to offer the best features. As in all the house renovations we carry out, we have converted a flat into a modern and functional home.

L-shaped kitchen

The kitchen on this floor is located in its own separate room. Having a rectangular surface, we have used an L-shaped kitchen layout. This way, each kitchen element is located in the perfect place to be able to use it. Thanks to our range of kitchen renovations, we have been able to meet the needs of the owners.

At the far right we have left a custom-made hole to place the refrigerator. Then comes the main worktop section where we have installed the glass ceramic plate. It has storage capacity both in the lower and upper part and that is where we have integrated the oven and the microwave.

The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section. It offers support and work surface and also has a double sink. In the lower part, the kitchen furniture has two holes to be able to integrate the dishwasher and the washing machine. This kitchen renovation combines the white color throughout the kitchen furniture with the gray finishes of the new floor.

New functional bathroom

The bathroom remains in its original location and we have updated it both in terms of interior design and sanitary equipment. It is now ready to offer the best performance. That is one of the objectives of our renovation company in Barcelona, that you can enjoy your new home from day one.

This is a very well used bathroom renovation to offer the best functionality. On the left side of the entrance we have placed the new double sink toilet. It also has two drawers for storage in its lower part. In this way we can guarantee a perfect organization of hygiene products.

On the right side, the sanitary equipment is completed with a toilet with a cistern in the back and a shower tray with sliding door screens. For the new image of the bathroom, he opted for neutral tones that create a fresh atmosphere. We have tiled the walls with gray tiles, the same shade as the new floor tiles.

Change of interior image

Another novelty of this house renovation is the application of a new interior design in all the spaces of the floor. We have been in charge of developing a project to modernize the interior image and create a welcoming environment in spaces such as the living room and the bedrooms. It is an indispensable feature in a modern home.

We have taken advantage of natural light to generate bright and visually spacious spaces. For this we have painted the walls white so that every space in the house will be lit naturally. As for artificial lighting, we have installed porthole lights.

Our interior designers in Barcelona have worked on a contemporary interior design with more potential elements. One of them is the new floor, for which a parquet floor in light wood tones has been chosen. We have also placed the new white doors at the entrance to each room.

Custom house renovation

At Grupo Inventia, we offer you a house renovation tailored to meet all your needs. You can request your budget without commitment by calling 93 209 97 17. In a few days we will have it ready and deliver it to you together with a project with 3D renders that will also have no cost to you.