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Complete house renovation in Badalona

This same week at Grupo Inventia house renovations company we have completed a new work on housing rehabilitation. For this work our team moved to the town of Badalona. And it is that our work of house renovations is not only carried out in Barcelona city, but also in neighboring localities.

In this project we both improve the aspects of the interior design of the home and the equipment of key rooms such as the kitchen and the bathrooms. In general, the apartment looks like a modern image where the neutral tonalities and the parquet floor are the protagonists.

Open kitchen

This is a kitchen renovation open to the livingroom, but arranged in a well-defined area. For the location of the new elements a L-shaped countertop was chosen, although household appliances such as the fridge, oven and microwave were fitted in an attached kitchen cabinet. In the same way, a practical breakfast bar was placed in the open area.

The first countertop of kitchen is located to the left of the room and is equipped with a ceramic hob. The counter, in gray, turns to the right and gives way to a second section. With this the surface of support was expanded and the sink was also disposed. Another point in favor of this kitchen renovation is that storage capacity was enabled in both lower and higher areas.

Bathroom renovations

The house had two bathrooms and in both cases a very similar line was made when renovating them, both in image and in equipment. In this last aspect, these bathroom renovations were equipped with a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a shower protected by a sliding door screen.

For the new image of these bathrooms, it was decided to tile the walls in half height. For this gray tiles were used in a bathroom and beige tiles in the other. The rest of the wall until reaching the ceiling was painted white in both cases. Without a doubt, two rooms were reached with a pleasant atmosphere, an ideal thing for a daily use space.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

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