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Creating a new Bathroom: Benefits and costs

13 May, 2022 · Blog

In this post we will discuss an aspect of house renovations that is somewhat different from the usual. For this occasion we are not going to talk about a renovation itself, but we are going to expose the advantages of creating a new bathroom in your home. It is understood that such a demand is usually carried out within a comprehensive reform.

Needless to say, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home. It is used daily, both for small hygiene tasks and for relaxed baths. The importance of the bathroom is accentuated in a home where a family lives and there are several people who need to use it.

For this reason, the creation of a new bathroom in your home only aims to offer advantages. As a specializing house renovations company, this is the kind of work we are used to doing. Either a new creation or the redistribution of spaces. In this sense, the kitchens and bathrooms stand out, the protagonists of this post.

Where to put a new bathroom

Our experience has led us to renovate all types of real estate, from houses to villas, to commercial premises and apartments. It is in the latter that we will stop our attention. They are the most common and require the most skill to create a new bathroom from scratch.

It’s about creating a good plan based on the needs of the customer. As a general rule, it will always be easier to create a new bathroom in places where the facilities can be easily accessed. By this we refer to the pipes and downspouts, since in a building it will be the standard installations that mark the availability.

To do this, always think of places where there was originally a laundry room, a gallery or even the kitchen. In the latter case we would talk about a redistribution of stays. A modification that is usually made when the kitchen goes from an independent space to be open. On the other hand, there is the option of adapting an original space to turn it into a bathroom.

We have made these changes and improvements in one of our home renovations that we have recently completed. So that all the changes we have discussed can be seen much better, we share the following video. That’s how it was and that’s how the flat we renovated on Comandante Benítez street in Barcelona has been.

Advantages of having two or more bathrooms

This is a section that is practically self-explanatory. As we have pointed out, if a family of at least three members lives in an apartment, only one bathroom can be short. For a family of three to five, it is more than advisable to have two bathrooms in the home.

It should be noted that it is not always necessary to create a new 100% complete bathroom. In many cases, the creation of this new hygiene space responds to a toilet. All this talked with the homeowners and outlining the key lines to get the best result.

In our renovation company we have an extensive catalog for both new bathrooms and new toilets. In addition to being a very varied offer we can adapt to all kinds of situations. By this we mean the size of the new sanitary ware or the decorative style that best fits the personality of those concerned.

Design for a new bathroom

Once its location and components have been established, the interior design of our new bathroom (or toilet) will be defined. The most common is to follow the decorative line of the rest of the house and contemporary interior design is best suited to current needs. Using this interior design the goal is to generate bright and visually spacious spaces.

We use the bathroom every day and it must always offer us the best features. For this reason, designs with a predominance of neutral tones will be more favorable. In fact, it will be easy to find those finishes that fit us best.

reforma baño

In bathrooms, beige or white tiles are very much appreciated. The type of tile will also play a key role. For example if we want a more modern image we can opt for subway tiles. In the same way we must pay attention to elements such as the new floor or bathroom furniture, as storage is important.

New bathroom at home

Now it’s up to us to say that at Grupo Inventia we have everything we need to make the creation of a new bathroom in your home a success. We offer a personalized treatment with the advice of professionals in interior design and home renovations. You can request your most budget project by calling 93 209 97 17, we will deliver it to you without obligation.