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Dark tones in the decoration of your home

3 March, 2016 · Blog · Tags:

In the world of decoration are endless styles, trends, patterns, which can be applied to our home. Undoubtedly, the sector interiorism increasingly gains more strength among those who want something different in their homes and want to print your personal stamp on the decoration used.

Usually, whatever style you use, you tend to look for the light and spacious generated through the combination of light and neutral colors. But can be achieved by using dark colors? From the interior design department of Grupo Inventia we wanted to collect some of the features of the decor dark and as you can see are totally suitable for use in home decoration.

Color on walls

The walls are the main protagonist in the decoration with dark tones, as they will be applied where it most. When we talk about dark we do not mean a black as night, they use gray, brown and even black in a softer tone.

Any of these colors mentioned in combination with natural light will create a feeling of spaciousness and height, so stay selected not seem a cave. Also get a print environment calm and relaxed as the dark give us peace.

The right furniture

For the furniture used in the room, we can focus on the living room or bedroom, can be different depending on the degree of natural light available. In this case we forget the furniture finished in wood, because it is a color that does not fit with the dark tones. We would not have a pleasant decoration.

In this case, if you have a good natural light can also choose to put dark furniture. For example, if we painted gray walls, black furnishings create a strong perspective very successful on the floor and remain light.

However, if our room receives natural light but not too much choice, the best for our furniture decoration will use white or beige. This will generate different points of light that will benefit the whole.

The perfect atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, the dark not only benefit the decoration of our home, but also help us to have the perfect environment for relaxing moments.

Using colors like gray or brown we feel very comfortable in any room of our house. The lounge will provide a warm and relaxed atmosphere, away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Meanwhile, the bedroom will not help you sleep more pleasant environment made for relaxation.

Grupo Inventia decoration

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