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Decorate with photos

9 July, 2018 · Blog · Tags:

Every day, the interior design sector offers us a new way of decorating our home. As you can see, there is a very wide market in this sector, so it is very easy to get these particular objects that help to expose the decorative style that we like.

Speaking of personal things, in this post we will talk about decorate with photos, an economic choice, that adapts to any space and, above all, is unique.

Where to place them

At the time of decorate with photos, we will try to place them in spaces that are not inhabited, that do not become the protagonists, but if they have the necessary weight to accompany us in our decoration. Therefore, we forget the receiver furniture and dining tables recharged and full of photo frames.

In common spaces we opt for subtle things, but they generate a company. For example, the corridor walls are great for placing a few medium-sized photos. In the living room, the sofa head can be the perfect place to group the best snapshots of the year or the last trip we have done. In this sense, we bet to choose the photos well, although we are sure that they can change without having to make a big payment.

Another space that is suitable for placing photos is the columns. We do not refer to those of Romanesque style that decorate on their own, but to those that stand out from the wall or have more functionality than decorative. Here, a vertical row of photos will look great.

Pictures in the bedroom

Without a doubt the bedroom is the most personal room in our house, so decorating it with our best snapshots is the most common. Here we will also forget these teens full of photos and bet on a simplicity capable of transporting us to our best memories.

In this case the top part of the head is a good place to decorate with photos. Here we will opt for something simple, such as a string and a few tweezers to tie the selected photos.

Decorate with photos

Grupo Inventia’s interior design department has endless proposals for the decoration of your home. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to contact us.