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Hand made decoration with cement

8 January, 2018 · Blog

We would like to dedicate this publication to this part of the decoration in which we use small objects to give life and color to some corners of our home such as shelves, tables at night or, definitively, any space in which we come from I would like to place this little detail that marks the difference and shows our style.

To achieve this type of decoration there are several establishments in which we can achieve all kinds of objects, but what better to do it with our own hands. In addition to achieving unique decorative elements, you will have the satisfaction of making them done with your skill.

Carry candles

A great object to decorate small spaces or that are present in the tables or shelves, are a carry candles. Doing them is very simple and, if done in company, very fun. For this reason, we only need some cement glue (a resistant material), water and something that serves as a mold and that it can be in any way: square, tall, low, etc., definitely, how do you want it to be .

In a bowl the cement will be mixed with water and stir until it reaches a uniform paste and that it can work with it. Once it is had, the right amount will be placed in the chosen mold and a space will be prepared to place the candle once it is dry. Normally, it is advisable to wait around 24 hours to make sure it is completely dry.

Mini pots

With the same material and with the same method we have carried the carry candle holders, we can also create mini pots in which to place a small plant. It is a very successful option to give color to the space to decorate, since the contrast between the gray of the cement and the green of any plant generates a very beautiful appearance.

Obviously, once manufactured, cement pieces can be painted and decorated to the taste of each one, so that the possibilities of decoration are endless.

Grup Inventia decoration

At Grupo Inventia we have a decoration and interior design expert department, so if you need professional help to get your home to run out as you like, do not hesitate to contact us.