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Design and furnish an youth bedroom

1 February, 2016 · Blog

Prepare a bedroom for a teenager is a challenge. They are neither children nor adultsand adapt it to this stage of change is not always easier, we may narrow or smallrooms.

So in this post we’ll help guide with tips and ideas for decorating a bedroom youtheither, virgin or stay home for a child’s room that we transform.

The bed, the focal point

The first thing to consider is where to put the bed because it is the object most voluminous in the bedroom. If you have a long room area will be essential to locate the width, becausethat way we will gain space and avoid the effects corridor. Conversely, if you have highceilings and old, an excellent option is bunk because it is a type of bed in which most young people find intimacy and in turn gives greater extent to enjoy your bedroom.

Study area

Once decided where and how to put the bed organized for the remaining space on the desktop and storage furniture, because it can have a good study area in the bedroom. It should be emphasized that stays small, light furniture enhance the feeling of spaciousness, while dark furniture weigh more and are a most appropriate choice for large and spacious bedrooms.

Bedroom design

Once planned space to decide the design of the bedroom. Some tips that can help you are exposed below:

Let expressed in her own bedroom because it is your home space. Although his style does not match the rest of the home is no reason to worry because it is just a phase and as such is subject to many changes can the young, modify various personal items throughout their development .

The most important thing for a teenager are their peers, to enable an area of ​​the room because a friend is sleeping can be a very good option. So, or under the bunk beds or having under his, is a very good option.

As previously stand, is a step change in the young test new styles and fashions. Thus choosing a good mirror can enlarge the room and allow them to feel comfortable to try their hairstyles and outfits.

Finally, to create a “refuge” for the elderly to enjoy their hobbies and will allow you to have a good growth and provide the privacy you need.

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