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Different distributions for your kitchen reform

20 March, 2015 · Blog

Grupo Inventia have a specialized team that will advise you and provide the best solutions for your kitchen reform. In addition to integral reforms, we also partial renovations, due to the passage of time, the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to reform.

Therefore, since Grupo Inventia kitchens we talk about different types of distribution there for a kitchen. This way, you can have clearer ideas when applying for a kitchen reform.

So you can see the variety in the work of Grupo Inventia share a video with various kitchens that have restored this 2015.

Lineal kitchen

As its name indicates is a kitchen available elements linearly, ie all on one side of the wall. This distribution can be used both as independent kitchens stay and open kitchens, ensuring a perfect organization for all elements of the kitchen.

Typically, the linear distribution are placed at one end and embedded appliances. From then placed the counter, where you can install the sink and hob. It offers a willingness to put cabinets and drawers for storage, since we can use both the bottom and the top of the countertop.

Kitchen U-shaped

Another option in distributing our kitchen reform is to do this U-shaped. This layout is highly recommended for open kitchens, as areas of the kitchen and the living room or dining room, will be integrated into the same space, but well defined visually.

In this case, next to the kitchen that is glued to the wall would place appliances also embedded, and from three sections of the counter. The place to place the sink and hob depend on how they are distributed installations, but can always be modified.

Kitchen on two fronts

In this case it is a distribution suitable for kitchens or own stay open. It distributes the elements of cooking on each side of the stay can opt for a tour or two countertop and a kitchen cabinet.

Grupo Inventia kitchens

Grupo Inventia offers a variety of resources in your kitchen reform. After taking measurements and listen to your needs, devise customized for you. You can request your budget without obligation.