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Different types of renovations

24 January, 2020 · Blog

sofá y mesas salón

Each renovation work requires a different approach, since each client who comes to Grupo Inventia does it with different needs and tastes. That is why having a multidisciplinary team facilitates things and can bring the maximum regardless of the style of house renovation that is requested.

In turn, there are different types of renovations, since a complete renovation of the housing in question is not always requested. That is why we are going to comment on the different jobs that we carry out in the company of house renovation Grupo Inventia. The experience gained over the years has placed us in a position where we can offer the best options in each situation.

Total renovations

We are referring to those works in which the owners of the house request a total rehabilitation of the same. In a complete overhaul no aspect can be forgotten and it must be treated with equal importance to a key room such as the kitchen, the tiles or the paint to be used.

reformas interiores

Successful total renovations requires a complete team of experts in all areas. In this way, in Grupo Inventia we work with the best manufacturers of kitchen, baths, floors, paintings, electricity, etc. Each and every one of the items is presented in an extensive catalog of materials with various options to choose from.

Partial renovation

Another possibility is to receive a request for partial renovation. Property owners who do not need a complete change and only need to renovate specific rooms. Normally the most requested are bathroom and kitchen renovations, as they are the spaces in the home that most notice the passage of time due to their daily use.

These are given the same importance as the previous ones. The methodology to be followed is the same, maybe on a small scale, but in a partial reform the same previous meetings with the clients are carried out and a project with the same characteristics as in the case of house renovation is prepared.

Renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia is a safe and professional option for the total or partial renovation of your home. In addition, we deliver the project and budget without obligation. To request or consult any information you can fill out this form or call us directly at 93 209 97 17.