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Effective storage in the interior design of the bathroom

As specialists in home renovations and interior design at Grupo Inventia we work to offer the best options to our customers. Our team is made up of proven experts in the sector and able to work on improving every space in a home. One of them is the bathroom, a room of vital importance and that must offer effectiveness in certain aspects.

One of them is effective storage in the bathroom. Having storage capacity will be beneficial to maintain order and organization in the stay. Before seeing some options that will allow us, we share a video in which we explain how easy it is to make a bathroom renovation with Grupo Inventia.

Bathroom furniture

In Grupo Inventia we work with an extensive catalog of furniture for the bathroom. In this way we can adapt to any interior design and budget. Our interior designers in Barcelona will create a project as you combine design with practicality. In this sense we are very careful how to take advantage of every corner of the bathroom to be useful.

A classic when it comes to bathroom storage is the sink cabinet. This is an excellent space in which to place storage capacity. Whether it is a closet or a chest of drawers, it is an essential piece today. In fact, practically all the bathroom renovations we carry out are with washbasin furniture.

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Interior design and practicality

Another of the advantages we offer at Grupo Inventia is our interior design service. Our professionals will combine effective storage in the bathroom with the best interior design. As we have mentioned our range of options is wide and we have furniture with all kinds of finishes.

This main piece of furniture can be combined with other elements that contribute to storage in the bathroom. A good option is to place some shelves with capacity for both bathroom elements and decorative objects. In this way you will also have options to create a more personal and customer-friendly interior design.

If we talk about options in design and color, wood finishes are usually the most used. Our bathroom renovations are characterized by combining modernity in equipment and interior design. The most common is to work with neutral shades such as white, beige or gray. Whether on tiles or on wall paint, wood-finished furniture is the most visually appealing.

Interior design and bathroom renovation

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In the renovation company Grupo Inventia we take care of total or partial renovation work, such as the bathroom. Within it, our professionals in interior design and renovations will be in charge of working on the project that best suits your needs. To request it you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or fill out the form we have available on this same website.