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Expand kitchen storage in a renovation

15 September, 2023 · Blog

Over the years a kitchen calls for improvements. Either to apply some current trend or to replace elements that have been damaged. Since it is such a vital stay in a home it must always present the best conditions. With a kitchen renovation we can achieve great improvements in the design, equipment and functionality of our kitchen.

One of these novelties can be to expand the storage capacity. The kitchen is a crowded and daily-used space where we need to have many elements. That is why organization in a kitchen is key and very necessary. We can achieve it by generating more kitchen storage capacity.

almacenaje de cocina

We will treat this improvement from the perspective of a contemporary style kitchen renovation. It is a very popular option in the kitchen sector. Using neutral tones makes it very versatile and works both in independent kitchens and open kitchens. The key is to equip it with kitchen storage with a fluid design.

Double kitchen furniture

To have good storage capacity, it is essential to make the most of the available space in the kitchen. Kitchen furniture manufacturers are responsible for designing pieces of furniture capable of adapting to all kinds of spaces. Being practical, a good option is to take advantage of the lower and upper spaces of the counter.

We can place several drawers and cupboards to store all kinds of products and kitchen utensils. Having this part dedicated to kitchen storage allows us to keep both some food and small appliances in order. In addition, it generates perfect mobility in every kitchen. If everything is in its indicated place we will have a functional kitchen.

armarios de cocina

Appliances are also integrated in these areas of the kitchen and at the ends. On a visual level, a more homogeneous and linear kitchen is generated. As the appliances are integrated into the kitchen cabinet itself, more space is freed up in the living room. Thanks to this fact we can connect more storage modules.

Cupboards and shelves

The size of the room will dictate how much we can expand the kitchen storage. In this sense, we can bet on independent storage modules that can bring extra functionality to the kitchen. When we are carrying out the improvement project for the kitchen we have to pay attention to every corner.

For example, we can use vertical cabinets and place them in key spaces. We can also opt for open shelves to accommodate food or other kitchen utensils. Being shelves, they will not reduce visual space in the kitchen, a beneficial detail for the overall image.

almacenaje de cocina estanterias

Functional kitchen storage

By following these types you can equip your kitchen with excellent storage capacity. Once everything is organized, the kitchen space will be very fluid and functional. With all the products well stored you will enjoy more support and work surface to carry out your tasks.