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Exterior renovations: get a functional terrace

31 August, 2021 · Blog

In one of our most recent projects we have been responsible for rehabilitating the terraces of a house. In addition to offering projects for interior renovations in the company Grupo Inventia we also take care of exterior renovations. Within this section we have previously renovated balconies, terraces, gardens, porches, etc.

Our team is made up of great professionals in the renovations sector. We are more than capable of adapting the exterior space of your home to everything you need. As in a bathroom or kitchen renovation, for an exterior renovation project we have everything you need to do a successful job.

reformas terraza bacelona

Paintings, floors, furniture, roofs, etc.. With Grupo Inventia you can make your balcony or terrace fully functional to enjoy the outdoor area of your home. So we are ready to comment on several details that must be taken into account for a reform of terrace, balcony or garden. In short, the initial draft of all external reforms must be very well established.

Adjust the exterior

One of the first steps in an exterior renovation is to adapt the exterior space that is about to be renovated. In this sense, the walls must be scraped to remove old and worn paint and also check the reliability of the pavement. Especially if it is a balcony or a roof, as the floor must guarantee the best stability and impermeability.

When the harmful elements of the balcony, terrace or porch have already been removed, the work of improvement and exterior renovations is begun. Thanks to the previous work of our exterior professionals, all the details are established before the works begin. In this way the colors, the pavement, the new access doors or the covers are established from the beginning.

Exterior paints and floors

In Grupo Inventia we have all the elements and materials necessary to carry out with determination and professionalism all kinds of interior and exterior renovations. The case at hand we must be very careful, as it is a space exposed to any weather situation. In order to avoid any problems, the needs for both hot and rainy weather must be met.

One of the first steps is to paint the walls of the outdoor space that is being renovated. In all cases, a special paint suitable for exteriors must be used. This is the only way to guarantee that it will be a durable paint and that it will act as a waterproof so as not to damage the interior of the home. In this case, exterior renovations such as balconies or terraces are a fact that cannot be negotiated.

suelos terraza

Another element that must offer the best guarantees is the pavement. As we have mentioned the climate is very capricious and you must make sure that the new soil that is going to be placed is of the necessary quality to face it. As with the other elements, in Grupo Inventia we have a wide variety of outdoor floors. The image and the finish are chosen by the owners and our team is in charge of placing it properly.

Security in external renovations

With the aesthetic and practical section covered, in an exterior renovation there are other details that must be fixed yes or yes. We refer to the security of the space to be renovated. In the case of terraces and balconies, the railings are an element that must guarantee security and protection. For Grupo Inventia this aspect is looked at with a magnifying glass and for this reason we have specialized technical architects.

Once security is guaranteed, you can choose the image that best suits the house or the taste of the owners. In this sense we can take care of restoring the originals or placing new railings of any material offered by the market. After many active years we have worked with railings made of metal, wood, methacrylate, etc.

Exterior renovations in Barcelona and surroundings

Once the exterior renovation work is completed, you can also furnish your terrace, balcony or garden if you wish. We work with the best outdoor furniture suppliers, guaranteeing the best comfort and durability in all of them.

As we have expressed, our team of exterior renovations is ready to adapt and improve all types of spaces. We have everything you need for the outdoor space of your home to look the way you would like. If you want to request a quote you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or through the WhatsApp icon on this website. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.