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Factors to consider in a bathroom reform

17 November, 2015 · Blog

In recent years the sector has promoted integral reforms in his notoriety. This is because the owners have decided to renovate their home instead of looking for a new home as it was a while back. In Grupo Inventia we have always postulated as a company that offers integral reforms of the best solutions to the needs of each owner who come to our offices.

As experts in the industry, we have specialized departments in each room of a house. So take this post to discuss some of the factors to be taken into account when trying to make a bathroom reform.

Painting or tiling

Besides the color you want to use our bathroom, we must be clear where we want to print, whether directly or wall tiles.

In this respect the will choose to traditional tiles, as the material they are made is right for a stay moist as bathroom. But conversely, you can also choose to paint. Currently the market offers a wide range of paints for the bathroom, so if we opted for that not to worry.

Given this, Grupo Inventia we support combine both elements, s’enrajola halfway up the wall and painting the rest.

Bevelled tiles

As a tiled bathroom nothing better when the tiles bevelled design. These give the room a modern and urban image but with the advantage that it is suitable for all audiences.

For the rest of the wall, which is painted, you must choose a color that fits with the overall floor without extravagance. The half-painted wall also offers the opportunity to change the image of the bathroom more often and more economically without the need for work.

Grupo Inventia bathrooms

In Grupo Inventia bathrooms offer you a professional and personal treatment, still get the best finishes in your bathroom reform. You can contact us and inform you without any commitment.