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Flat renovation in Alts Forns street in Barcelona

We have finished a new renovation in Barcelona, ​​specifically in Alts Forns street. We have been in charge of improving and updating such important aspects as the interior design, all the facilities and the functional equipment. With this floor renovation, we have turned a neglected space over the years into a real home.

As in the vast majority of our jobs, we have been responsible for managing all parts of the flat renovation. Painting work, floor replacement, door installation, kitchen and bathroom renovation… Everything you need to make your home the way you want it. In addition, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector of renovations.

So that you can see the result of this flat renovation in Barcelona, ​​we share the following video. We update our social networks daily and with real jobs to show our way of working and the excellent results. In the upper right part of the web you have all the icons so you can follow us.

Linear kitchen

The new kitchen is located in its own space and independent from the rest of the house. Being a rectangular surface, we have chosen to apply a linear kitchen layout. Now the kitchen offers excellent mobility and the new appliances are located in the ideal place for their use.

In the far left, the refrigerator has been placed, which is integrated into the kitchen furniture. Next, a worktop is born that extends to the other end of the kitchen. A single sink and also a glass ceramic plate have been installed in it. One of the great improvements in this kitchen renovation is that the storage capacity has been expanded.

Cabinets and drawers with white panels have been placed both in the lower and upper areas of the worktop. In this way we have managed to give this kitchen a bright and spacious environment. These areas have also been used to embed the oven and microwave. The first is just under the glass ceramic hob and the second integrated in the upper cabinets.

Modern and functional bathrooms

Other key spaces in a home that we have undertaken to renovate are the bathrooms. Now each of the two that has this flat renovation are ready to offer the best benefits. Thanks to our catalog of bathroom renovations, you can have the bathroom of your dreams with first-class finishes at a very competitive price.

The new sanitary equipment in these bathrooms consists of a sink, a toilet with a cistern in the back and a protected shower tray with transparent screens. As a detail, it also has a bathroom cabinet with two drawers that ensures perfect order for hygiene products.

The same interior design has been used for the new image of these bathroom renovations. It is in line with the rest of the house and two very fresh and pleasant spaces have been achieved on a day-to-day basis. The walls have been completely tiled with white tiles and a gray tile floor has been laid.

Interior design in Barcelona

In addition to the areas of daily use such as the kitchen and the bathrooms, we have also been in charge of renovating the interior image of the entire home. For this we have worked with a contemporary interior design with neutral tones that allow a very fluid circulation of light. The details can be appreciated in areas such as the living room or the bedrooms.

In fact, the color white has been chosen to paint the walls of this flat renovation and generate a homogeneous image with new elements that we have placed. Among them the new white doors next to the frames and plinths. Once the work is finished, much tranquility and harmony is transmitted.

Another novelty is the flooring in the common areas and bedrooms. The original floor has been replaced by a parquet floor with light wood tones. With this surface we also provide a greater feeling of warmth to all the spaces of this home.

Apartment renovation budget

If you want to improve any aspect of your home, contact us and request your renovation budget without any commitment. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and one of our professionals will assist you personally. we are waiting for you.