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Flat renovation and furniture in Mallorca street

A new renovation in Barcelona brings us all the way to Mallorca street. Here we find a completely flat renovation both in terms of image and equipment. We have also taken care of furnishing different areas of the house. The most notable ones are in the living room and the bedroom.

By means of a personalized and tailor-made project we have managed to apply all the improvements that the owners have requested. Our goal as a renovation company is for you to enjoy your new home from day one. That’s why we work with proven and reliable brands and suppliers.

To appreciate the finishes of this flat renovation, we share the following video. You have this and many more available on our social networks.

Interior renovation

A first step in any renovation is to define what the new interior image of the house will be. In this case we wanted to apply a contemporary interior design to generate warm and welcoming environments. To achieve this we used neutral tones for the walls, the new doors and windows and the flooring.

We have painted the walls beige, standing out next to the doors and white frames. The roof is also white and is equipped with bull’s-eye lights. Perfect lighting is generated with a very discreet design. An interior renovation that can be appreciated both in the living room and other common spaces and in the bedroom.

For the floor we have chosen a parquet floor in light wood tones. In addition, we have placed much of the new furniture. The living room has a sofa, coffee table and several storage modules. Meanwhile, the bedroom already has a double bed and a wardrobe to organize all the clothes.

U-shaped kitchen

The kitchen is accessed through a sliding door and is laid out in a U shape. As it is a rectangular kitchen, it is a perfect arrangement to place the new equipment. We have managed to create a space with a lot of mobility to access all corners. Just to the right we have integrated several appliances with a black finish.

Specifically the fridge, the oven and the microwave, as well as a wine bar. From here we find a kitchen counter that functions as a support and work surface. On the center counter is the sink, just below the window. Already on the left side we find the main desk, very elongated and with a large support surface.

It is equipped with a glass-ceramic plate and has storage capacity at the bottom and top. To design this kitchen renovation we used the same as in other spaces. The kitchen cabinet combines white color and wood finishes with a stone gray countertop.

Functional bathroom

In this flat renovation in Barcelona we have also improved the bathroom in all aspects. It is a spacious space and its new design is fresh and pleasant. The walls are tiled with gray tiles that simulate a stone finish. The flooring is the same light wood parquet floor that we have installed in other spaces.

As sanitary equipment, there is now a double toilet with storage capacity, a floating toilet and a very large water area. We have also placed a bathroom mirror with LED light on the back. In the same way we have created several integrated shelves to place all kinds of hygiene products.

Flat renovation in Barcelona

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