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Flat renovation in Bailèn street in Barcelona

We have already completed the flat renovation we had active in Bailèn street in Barcelona. We have been in charge of improving both the interior design aspect and that of the facilities and equipment. It now offers the best answer to current needs and for all moments.

The flat renovation we do are characterized by their adaptation to the needs of the owners. Our objective is that they can have their new home ready to enjoy from day one. The versatility of our professionals allows us to adapt to all styles and needs.

In the same way that we work with suppliers of proven brands and with a very varied range of products. We can adjust to the available budget guaranteeing the best qualities on the market. A good example is the result of the flat renovation that we have completed inBailèn street. We share it in the following video.

Linear kitchen

One of the most important areas in a flat renovation is the kitchen. It is a space for daily use that must always present its best appearance and offer the best features. In this renovation in Barcelona, ​​an open kitchen with a linear layout has been chosen.

The kitchen is integrated into a space next to the dining room and the living room. In this way the connection between zones is much more fluid and connected. The refrigerator has been placed on the far left. It has been chosen so that it is camouflaged by the same doors as the white kitchen furniture. In this way, the image of the kitchen renovation is much more homogeneous and linear.

Next we find the main worktop which has been equipped with a sink and a ceramic hob. In addition, it offers sufficient support and work space. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is that the storage capacity has been expanded. It has cupboards and drawers both in the upper and lower part. The oven has also been integrated into the latter.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom has also been completely renovated. Now it has a new image according to current times. The bathroom walls have been completely tiled with white beveled tiles and a new hydraulic type floor has been installed. With these improvements, the feeling of spaciousness and brightness in the bathroom has been enhanced.

The bathroom fittings have also been changed in this bathroom renovation. It is still a three-piece bathroom, although with modern and functional equipment. It consists of a laundry room with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area. In the latter, a protected shower tray with sliding door screens has been installed.

We have a wide variety of items for bathroom renovations. Thus, we can adapt to any demand from the owners of the flats we renovate. In this case, we have as a result a bathroom that responds effectively both to daily needs and in more relaxed moments.

Interior design

In addition to renovating key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom, we have also been in charge of improving other aspects. Our team of interior designers in Barcelona has been in charge of applying a new image throughout the floor. The objective was a contemporary and current trend interior design.

For this, neutral tones have been used in areas such as the living room and the bedrooms. The walls have been painted with a soft beige tone that generates several advantages. On the one hand, it allows the light to flow through all the corners evenly and on the other, it generates a feeling of warmth and well-being.

All this is combined with some new and original elements. From the first group is the new parquet imitation ceramic floor that we have installed. A floor that responds perfectly both visually and practically, as it is very resistant. We also find original elements that have been restored and integrated into the new image. One of them is the brick wall seen in the main area.

Flat renovation budget

If the time has come to improve your floor at Grupo Inventia, we offer you a customized flat renovation project that covers all your needs. Our advice is constant throughout the construction process. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation budget without any commitment.