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Flat renovation in Barcelona: Sant Frederic street

We have finished a new renovation in Barcelona. We have carried out this project in a flat located in Calle Sant Frederic. We have been in charge of improving the interior design of the house, the equipment and all the facilities. In addition, our furniture service has been contracted and we have furnished spaces such as the dining room, the living room and the bedrooms.

The experience of our professionals has played a fundamental role in achieving a successful result. Thanks to our catalog of materials you can have the home you want with great ease. In our renovations company, we adapt to all budgets, offering proven qualities in the market.

We share the results of this renovation in Barcelona in the following video. Follow us on social networks and know all our jobs. Every day we update them with new renovation and interior design content.

Contemporary design

One of the first steps was to define the new image of the house. For this particular case, a contemporary design with current finishes has been chosen. In general, it is a modern image that generates bright and spacious spaces. Our interior designers in Barcelona have ensured that everything is perfectly applied.

In this way, most of the walls have been painted with a soft shade of beige. On the one hand, it creates a pleasant contrast with the new white doors and their frames. On the other hand, it allows natural light to spread to all corners of the house. This is how we have managed to make the most of the natural light from the outside.

Precisely in this flat renovation, the windows have also been changed. Now all windows are made of aluminum and with double glazing. Thanks to this, ideal thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved. Among all the improvements is also the change of pavement. A parquet floor has been laid in medium tones of wood.

Open kitchen renovation

The kitchen is open and distributed on two fronts. It is a complete kitchen renovation that has only improved the area. The kitchen is a key and daily use space that must always be ready to offer the best performance. In this particular case it has been possible to provide it with perfect functionality.

At the end of the left side are the new appliances. An oven, a microwave and a refrigerator have been integrated which is hidden by the wardrobe doors. Then a worktop with storage capacity is born both in the upper and lower part. White kitchen furniture allows the area to always generate light and spaciousness.

A glass ceramic plate has been installed on the worktop. The sink has been placed on the other worktop which also provides support and work surface. It also functions as a dining space, as it has a bar and several stools for this purpose. In general, a practical and multi-space kitchen renovation.

Modern and functional bathrooms

In this renovation in Barcelona, a complete bathroom renovations has also been carried out. In both cases, the image has been improved and new sanitary equipment has been installed. The walls of the bathrooms have been tiled at medium height and a hydraulic type floor has been used for the new floor. A current image with a lot of personality has been printed.

Both bathroom renovations have a similar surface area and the same sanitary fixtures have been installed. Each one of them has a sink with storage furniture, a toilet and a walk-in shower. In this case the water area is well protected with sliding door screens.

Renovation in Barcelona

In addition to making renovations in Barcelona, ​​we also moved to nearby towns. If you want to request your renovation budget, call us at 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in less than a week and deliver it to you without any obligation.