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Flat renovation in Rambla Badal in Barcelona

We have been in charge of improving a house located on Rambla Badal in Barcelona. A complete flat renovation applying a current interior design and installed complete equipment. We have turned this flat into a functional home ready to offer the best services at all times.

For this flat renovation in Barcelona, we have adapted to the needs of the owners, creating a personalized project. With the advice of our interior designers, the key elements that fit your style have been chosen. Carrying out the initial project is without commitment and the advice lasts the whole project.

To appreciate the finishes of this work, we share the following video. If you want to know more projects completed and in process follow us on social networks. Every day we update our profiles with our own and real content. You will see that we adapt to all kinds of decorative styles and proposals.

Neutral colors

For the new interior image of the flat we have opted for neutral tones. Thanks to this we can achieve warm and welcoming spaces in all the rooms of the house. We painted the walls in the living room, dining room and bedrooms beige. Light can easily flow throughout the house.

In addition, we have restored original elements such as the Volta Catalana ceiling. It is in the main area of the flat, above the kitchen, dining room and living room. A combination of elements that mixes contemporary style with industrial. At the same time, we have also laid a new floor throughout the floor.

It is a parquet floor in natural wood tones. A resistant and durable flooring that requires very simple maintenance. In our renovation company we have a wide variety of floors and we advise you to choose the one that best suits you. The access doors to each room are also new. They are white doors and stand out nicely against the beige color of the walls.

Kitchen on two fronts

The kitchen is open concept and is distributed on two fronts. On the left side we have placed a kitchen bar that functions as a support surface and as a dining area. The lower part of the kitchen bar is used to expand the storage capacity in the kitchen.

To the right is the main kitchen counter. It is equipped with a glass ceramic plate and a single sink. It also has storage capacity at the bottom and top. On the far left we find the new integrated appliances.

Specifically the fridge, the oven and the microwave. This kitchen renovation also has a dishwasher integrated into the kitchen furniture.

Functional bathrooms

Each bathroom is equipped with everything necessary to be a functional cleaning space. Both have a toilet with built-in storage furniture. It also has a toilet and a water area. For the latter, we have installed two shower trays protected by a transparent partition.

We have used the same decorative style for both bathroom renovations. It is a contemporary design just like the rest of the house. We tiled the mid-height walls with beige tiles. We used mosaic tiles for the shower walls. The result is two equipped bathrooms with a very welcoming atmosphere.

Flat renovation budget

You can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17. Request your flat renovation budget without obligation and we will deliver it to you in less than a week.